Monday, August 16, 2010

Bath Day!!!

Hi Everyone!!!!!

Guess what????!!!!!!!

It is BATH DAY!!!!!!

I love bath day.  
The last time I had a bath something fun happened.  
I jumped out of the tub right after I got sudsed up.  He he he.  
You should have seen my people......they were running around yelling and I just 
ignored them and jumped up onto the sofa.  
Hey...I thought that is what they wanted me to do.  Hee heee heee.  

My fav part of bath day is the drying off part.  I like to do that because it makes my fur so soft and fluffy.  
It just makes me happy.  

A little rub here and a little rub there.....
It also gets me so excited that I just can't control myself.  

That is what I like about living in the country......I can dry off without anyone watching....


Hey!!!!  are you taking pictures of me?????!!!!!!!!

It is hard being so beautiful....
I mean the paparazzi are just ever present. 
Sometimes I don't mind, but other times need privacy.  

Hmmm............After a bath I like to cool off....

I hope no one is looking...


Excuse me....Do you know how to get to rabbitville??

Hey scram rabbit....this is Jill's life!  

Okay we all know it is really Bumble's life with a little bit of Jill thrown in.  

Sniff sniff.  I may have know.......go. 

Pearl the pumpkin.  An estimated 434 pounds.
Growing at aprox. 17 pounds per day.  

Oh nooooo!!!!!

Do not sniff around here.  

Get away from my vines!!!!!!!!!

What is all of the commotion?

Oh no folks.......this is not going to be good.  

Sniff sniff sniff.......Okay no one is looking.  

No one but vines!!!  My poor vines.   


Silly dog!  

I am still trying to get to the other pumpkins.   Hey Pearl, I may come to see you some day.  

Hi all.....I am back.  

Jill has been working on her grape arbor/trellis/sculpture thingy.  

She used her forge and made some limbs and then welded them together.  When they are attached to the rest of the arbor they will make an arch to walk under.  There will also be lots more small limbs that will come off of the large branches.   The posts that this arch contraption attaches to will be faux bois concrete.  Sounds kind of complicated, but she says it is not so bad.  

Well......time for my nap.  

Picture from the new deck.  Hi Pearl.  Keep growing. 

You know this guy reminds me of someone.  


  1. Momma nearly peed her panys when she saw you sitting in the mud. We love that face!! and the great pictures
    Benny & Lily

  2. As always, I enjoy Bumble's stories. That is some pumpkin! And Bumble cooling off in the mud, well now isn't that the way it goes!