Monday, February 22, 2010

Taking a Break

Finally!!!   Sun and blue sky!

I know it is hard to see in this picture, but that is Zippy running down the road.  He is in mid air.  Living up to his name.  

Here is another mid air shot.  

Bumble trying to fly like her brother Zippy.  An interesting factoid....Bumble was named after the abominable snowman in Rudolf.  Yukon Cornelius called him a Bumble.  Bumbles bounce.  That and the fact that Bumble's tail looks like a little bee stinger.  

With all of the recent snow....our wildlife has had a very hard time.  See the deer.  Poor thing.  

He looks as if he is frozen in place.  

You do know that is a fake deer....right?  
Hey Zippy....did you get your nose caught in something?  What is that ring around your nose from?  

Well.....I got that ring on my nose when mom took us down to work on her super duper top secret project.  I stuck my nose in a container that was dirty.  Looking for a mouse.  

Road to the super duper top secret project.  

Site of the super duper top secret project.  

What a beautiful mountain stream. 

Another beautiful mountain stream......Hey that is not a stream.  

Beautiful mountain pavement.  It has been a while since we have seen that.  

Snake mountain.  

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Sad Puppies

Hey Zippy!...........

Yes Bumble.....

Remember when we used to run and play?  (yes we are playing here)

Oh just look at how we could get around....I just love the snow!!!

We would go fun places with our mom and see really neat things.  
(Beautiful Christmas tree farm with Elk Knob in the background)

I just loved all of the fun times we had.  

Every time that it snowed we would go out and play.  

The sun would shine and life was good.

My dad would keep the road clear with the tractor.  Before it broke...that is.  

Then it would snow some more and we had to stick to walking on the road because the snow was Bulldog deep.  

It was so pretty and soft.  

Oh yessssss.........I remember those days.......I love to zip around.  

Check out my snow wake.  

But lately the snow has gotten so deep we can not go out much.  Too deep for our short little legs.  Sticking to the road is not fun.  I want to go on an adventure in the woods again.....

But just look at that snow.  It even covers the fence in places.  

The worst part is that those mules and horses are stuck in the barn because the snow blocked their gate.  

Hey we represent that remark!  We do not like being inside anyway.  Here doggie doggie.  I promise I will not step on you.  

This deep snow is for the birds.  
Really we love it.  We just need some snow shoes.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Survived the "Blizzard"

This is what a blizzard looks like.  Lots and lots of wind.   I wanted to get a picture of one of the little snownados that kept blowing around.  This is as close as I could get.  The two little bumps in the road are Bumble and Zippy.  Lots of large snow drifts around.  

The only place the wind was not blowing was on the narrow road that connects our driveway to the main road.  We were happy to walk there.  Bumble's coat and whiskers were covered in snow by the time we made it there.  

The horses went out to eat and then came straight back into the barn.  

Along the road.

Not wanting to go out.  

Oracle is always the first one to venture out.  

This was a day after the storm.  The snow is building up on the sides of the road and it is becoming difficult to get out.  Our tractor is still broken and our wonderful neighbor plowed our drive.  Thank you wonderful neighbor.  

Bumble was trying to take a shortcut through the snow drift and it did not work out.  She face planted once and then tried again.  That little round place in the snow is the imprint of her head.  

Bumble and Gus out for a stroll.  

This ice is coming off of our roof and is very interesting.  Also a little dangerous.  

We were having a nice breakfast and something outside caught our eye.  May and the rest of the gang had gotten out and were casually strolling around in the front yard.   I think they wanted in to come in the house!  Excuse me.....please clean up that mess that you left in the driveway.  

Here are May and Danza following Brian back to the barn.  

While the snow was falling, I decided to work on another painting.   It is a little blue, but I like it.  

One of these days, I am going to finish taking down the Christmas lights!  Oh I almost forgot.....we are getting more snow......

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Tale Tale Horse

Hi, my name is Danza.  I am the smartest horse in this place.  This story is about the other two goofy horses that live here.  Eco the red and Oracle the obscure.  

Come on Eco......Let's play!  I found this stick and it looks like fun.  

You know this is going to be trouble.....

I love this stick.....I never knew how much fun they could be.  

Hey better be careful with that!  

Go AWAY!!  We know what we are doing...we are boys and boys know everything....Go do something "girly" and leave us a...l...o...n...e.  


I am going....but you know what they say....

It is all fun and games.......

until someone loses an eye!  

This concludes our story......

By the way....sorry about the delay on this horse tale.  I have had jury duty this week and happened to be off today because of blizzard conditions.  A foot of snow and 70 mph winds.  Wish us luck.