Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Sad Puppies

Hey Zippy!...........

Yes Bumble.....

Remember when we used to run and play?  (yes we are playing here)

Oh just look at how we could get around....I just love the snow!!!

We would go fun places with our mom and see really neat things.  
(Beautiful Christmas tree farm with Elk Knob in the background)

I just loved all of the fun times we had.  

Every time that it snowed we would go out and play.  

The sun would shine and life was good.

My dad would keep the road clear with the tractor.  Before it broke...that is.  

Then it would snow some more and we had to stick to walking on the road because the snow was Bulldog deep.  

It was so pretty and soft.  

Oh yessssss.........I remember those days.......I love to zip around.  

Check out my snow wake.  

But lately the snow has gotten so deep we can not go out much.  Too deep for our short little legs.  Sticking to the road is not fun.  I want to go on an adventure in the woods again.....

But just look at that snow.  It even covers the fence in places.  

The worst part is that those mules and horses are stuck in the barn because the snow blocked their gate.  

Hey we represent that remark!  We do not like being inside anyway.  Here doggie doggie.  I promise I will not step on you.  

This deep snow is for the birds.  
Really we love it.  We just need some snow shoes.


  1. Poor doggies. Don't tell them that a Basset has big, wide feet that are like snowshoes, allowing him to burrow at will through the snow. And a Greyhound just leaps and bounds and is so fast she doesn't even know there is snow!

    I love Bullies & Zippy looks great leaping through the snow. Poor Bumble. : )

  2. Adorable! These furry kids are adorable! And I know exactly how they all feel - it's too deep out there for me too!!!!!

  3. Oh, I'm so glad I found your blog!!! LOVE, LOVE your pics and, of course, those adorable babies of yours! :) Tell Brian hi! :)
    Sandy K.

  4. I sure hope some of your snow has gone away! Your critters must being anxious to go outside.
    In the post before this you have two absolutely magnificent photos of the horses (not wanting to go out and the one below).

  5. So sad--Zippy and Bumble with cabin fever! A few flakes are falling here, which is a rare treat so close to Mexico. They are predicting 1-3 inches but I'll believe it when I see it!