Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Tale Tale Horse

Hi, my name is Danza.  I am the smartest horse in this place.  This story is about the other two goofy horses that live here.  Eco the red and Oracle the obscure.  

Come on Eco......Let's play!  I found this stick and it looks like fun.  

You know this is going to be trouble.....

I love this stick.....I never knew how much fun they could be.  

Hey better be careful with that!  

Go AWAY!!  We know what we are doing...we are boys and boys know everything....Go do something "girly" and leave us a...l...o...n...e.  


I am going....but you know what they say....

It is all fun and games.......

until someone loses an eye!  

This concludes our story......

By the way....sorry about the delay on this horse tale.  I have had jury duty this week and happened to be off today because of blizzard conditions.  A foot of snow and 70 mph winds.  Wish us luck.  


  1. Cute little horse tale! Do they both have all their eyes?
    I'm going to hate myself for saying this, but I'll take snow any day over 70mph winds! Mix the two together ... well, I hope you and all the animals stay safe and warm! I keep telling myself that spring is getting closer every day.....

  2. I have a few horses that like to use 'tools' as well. And of course they are boys!

    My goodness, 70 mph winds. WOW!

  3. Your horses are really smart Jill. They should be on the tonignt show. Mike