Monday, February 22, 2010

Taking a Break

Finally!!!   Sun and blue sky!

I know it is hard to see in this picture, but that is Zippy running down the road.  He is in mid air.  Living up to his name.  

Here is another mid air shot.  

Bumble trying to fly like her brother Zippy.  An interesting factoid....Bumble was named after the abominable snowman in Rudolf.  Yukon Cornelius called him a Bumble.  Bumbles bounce.  That and the fact that Bumble's tail looks like a little bee stinger.  

With all of the recent snow....our wildlife has had a very hard time.  See the deer.  Poor thing.  

He looks as if he is frozen in place.  

You do know that is a fake deer....right?  
Hey Zippy....did you get your nose caught in something?  What is that ring around your nose from?  

Well.....I got that ring on my nose when mom took us down to work on her super duper top secret project.  I stuck my nose in a container that was dirty.  Looking for a mouse.  

Road to the super duper top secret project.  

Site of the super duper top secret project.  

What a beautiful mountain stream. 

Another beautiful mountain stream......Hey that is not a stream.  

Beautiful mountain pavement.  It has been a while since we have seen that.  

Snake mountain.  


  1. Oh the suspense of the super duper top secret project! I would guess faux bois, but I think it's too cold for concrete...? We had 'quilt batting' sky yesterday too, you probably noticed in my photos.

  2. He he he......I can safely say that it is not faux bois. I did notice your photos! I love that kind of sky! I will be posting more about my super duper top secret project. All that I can say right now is that it is very large. He he he.

  3. Hi new friends,
    Awesome pictures! We love you guys running in the snow.
    Benny & Lily