Monday, February 1, 2010

Donkey Rebuttal

Like I was saying.....Mules are much smarter than donkeys.....

We don't mess around.....we know how to handle situations....if you know what I mean.  

Uh......wait......I hear someone coming......

Oh NO!!!  It is May the donkey!   Just pretend like we were talking about something else.  La la la la.....

Hi May.  We were just hanging out....we were not talking about donkeys.    I mean we were just talking about the weather.  

Otis...Otis....Otis.....I know what you said.  I also know that Donkeys are smarter and nicer than mules.  We like to keep ourselves clean and we are not afraid of anything.  Not even a pink blanket.  

Not to mention the fact that we are also really cute.  By the way are half donkey!

Yeah Otis didn't you know that???  Ha ha ha.  

Be quiet Ollie!

Come on Otis....let's all be friends again.  

Yes Otis we can be friends again.  

Okay......If you say so and if I have to.....

Cookie......did someone say cookie??????!!!!  

And they all lived happily ever after.....

Someone please rescue me from this crazy place!  


  1. I know that mules are tough, but don't you think that they would have enough sense to not want to wear those frozen icicle ear rings? My mule would do the same thing if I let her, but at her age, I think it's best for her to wear a blanket when the temps are below freezing .... after all, like you say, her smarter half is the donkey half!
    Cute photos!

  2. They are so cute. That includes miss bulldog!