Friday, January 29, 2010

Interview with a Mini Mule

Well, well, well.....We are getting ready for more snow!  This is the calm before the storm.  A beautiful view of The Peak.  

The sky is getting a little angry.  Angry, but beautiful.  

We are supposed to get about a foot of the white stuff starting this afternoon.  

The poor dogs were just getting used to being able to run around without getting bogged down in the snow.  I was enjoying it as well.  

Were are the deer!  Come here little deer.  I want to chase you.......

There they are!!!   Hey! Deer!  Run!

I think I am being ignored....


Excuse me sir....What do you think of the impending snow?

You talkin to me???  I think that I dare it to snow!  Us mini mules are tough.  It is not like we are stinkin donkeys.  We can handle it.  

Donkeys are lightweights....they have to wear blankets and stay in the shelter.  But not us mini mules.  We are built to take whatever the weather hands us.  Speaking of handing something over.....where is my cookie? interview.  

What did he say????  

Oh Brother!!!!!


  1. Nice mini interview, but poor Bumble! Does she know that you are always taking those unflattering photos of her? :o)

  2. I could not resist those mini mules if they were around me!

  3. That photo of Bumble is hilarious! And a little frightening...

  4. Hey Jill --- I always enjoy your posts. Between the the outrageously gorgeous scenery and the outrageously amusing critters, they always make me smile. Thanks for sharing!