Monday, January 11, 2010

Weekend adventures

This is the road that goes past our driveway.  It is an old farm\ logging road and it is quite peaceful and beautiful when it snows.  I love to walk down this little road.  Zippy really likes it here because he can be off leash and not run into another dog.  This is one of the only places that he can do this and I love to watch him run.  He is so graceful and full of energy.

Friday afternoon we decided to take a walk and then decided to try sliding down this hill on the ice.  Bumble is giving Brian a push.  Notice at the bottom how there is a fairly flat place.  You would think that this is a great sledding hill and it is.  Except we did not really factor in the ice when we came back here on Sunday afternoon with our Swiss Bob sleds.  A Swiss Bob sled is basically just  a small plastic square that you sit on and it takes off at high speed and flings you down the hill with no steering or brakes.

Well......luckily I let Brian go first.  The landing strip at the bottom did not work very well and Brian took a left and continued down the hill and he was very lucky to have hit a large snow drift that stopped him before he smashed into the large stand of trees below.  After that we found a place that was not so steep.  See that little white dot on Brian?  That is Bumble she enjoys sledding too.

Here she is getting ready to go out.

Here she is slightly upset that I made her wear ear muffs.

Here is Gus wondering if he can turn me in for animal abuse.

Zippy is thinking the same thing.

It is a good thing that my neighbor came by because we needed to have an adventure and it kept me from actually dressing the dogs up in ski outfits.   Ha ha.

So I had been down to my neighbor's house making tamales.  We had a great time and after making the tamales my neighbor had to steam them to finish the process and then he was going to bring some up to our house.  Our driveway is a "little" steep and "slightly" slick from the ice and snow.  I looked out of the window and saw my neighbor walking up the hill.  He looked very cold (it was only 8 degrees).  We got him into the house and then realized that he had walked up the driveway in open toed bedroom shoes.  He did have socks on though.  I am not going to mention names here to protect the innocent.  He had to walk because he got stuck at the base of our driveway.  So we trekked down to see what we could do to get the vehicle out.

Well we thought that maybe if we got the rear of the vehicle straight that we could drive it up to the house.  So we pulled it parallel to the drive and I might add that on the side opposite of where I am a pretty respectable drop off into the pasture.

We got it straight, but still could not gain enough traction to get it moving.

So......we had to get out the heavy equipment.  Of course our tractor is broken down (hydraulic problem) from all of the snow removal duties.  So unnamed neighbor had to go get his tractor (Big Blue).  You can see here how the pasture drops off on the left and also the "slight" incline of our drive.  My neighbor did give up his bedroom shoes for some boots at this point.

After Big Blue came over to help all was well and my neighbor was mobile again.  Thanks Big Blue.

Note to neighbor.....please do not be upset that I posted you on my blog.  I even blurred out your tag to hide your identity.  Love ya!  Thanks for the tamales!  Que sienta mejor.

Please quit! I have had enough!


  1. And I thought my driveway was bad... Looks like some pretty challenging terrain and I can see why the tractor went kaput. Bumble looks she went kaput too. Love the photos!

  2. HA!
    Oh Laws, Jill - I love your blog. This is fun, AND a fun way to keep up with what's going on at the top of our road!