Friday, January 22, 2010

More Ice!!!

Yippppeeee....Blue Sky!!!
 (this was taken last week...I am a little behind in posting)

What a beautiful day.  Mid 40s and no wind.  Great day for a nice long walk.

We have been sticking to open spaces because the crust on the snow is so abrasive and there are still some places where the snow drifts are difficult to get through.  Most of the open areas are melted enough to walk in without too much difficulty.

Hey....wait on me!

This guy is so sweet.  He is my neighbor's horse and he turned 30 years old this winter.  In great shape for an old man.   The picture looks a little strange because I had to stand in a ditch to get all of him in the shot.  His head looks huge.....and it is, but not as big as it looks in this picture.  Happy Birthday buddy.

Well the blues have hit again.  More ICE!!!  Go away ice.  Blue dog does not like the ice it makes her look rabid. (taken yesterday)

Poor Blue dog.  I made this blue dog as a memorial for Comet.  I sure do miss her.  

I do not know what it is about these guys.  My little mini mules love the rain and ice.  They have a nice shelter but for some strange reason prefer to stay out in the bad weather.  Notice how dry May is.  She only came out of the shelter to see me.  She HATES the rain.

Silly mules!


  1. Icicles on the long familiar.
    You are very lucky to be having sun. Your dogs look like they are enjoying their walk.
    We have been pounded by another big storm that blew in from the west. Going to get more of the same next week. I am so looking forward to some sunshine. Very unusual weather ...

  2. I love the photos! I had a bulldog a long time ago and she was the sweetest dog ever. I have a photo of her that I put in a post today if you want to see her. I've always had a hankering for donkeys but I have too many horses to add one more mouth. Mini mules, very cute.

  3. I could go for the mid 40s. Looks like you have some happy critters.