Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Just a little bit cold here.

Life here has been VERY cold lately.  The poor horses had been stalled for about three days before we decided to actually plow the upper part of one of the pastures.  They were very happy to get out and tried to prance around, but soon learned that they had better be careful.  Eco does not look happy about the fact that he had to take it easy.   If only we had an indoor arena......

Here May and Otis are checking out the situation.  There was still about a foot of snow under a thick sheet of ice where we did not plow.

Ollie was very careful.

Oracle could barely control his enthusiasm.
Here you can see some of the ice balls that formed when Brian plowed the pasture.

Oracle looking wild.  He wanted to run so badly.  The temps here in the single digits.  We did make it up to 15 the other day.  Supposed to be a balmy 25 tomorrow.

We took Zippy and Bumble for a walk the other day and it was just beautiful!
A beautiful sunset view of Snake Mountain and Elk Knob.

A closer look at Elk Knob.

Snake Mountain.

Zippy taking in the view.  He is actually looking for deer.  We could not walk long because it was only 8 degrees and Zippy has no fur.  Notice how we just walk along on the sheet of ice.  On occasion, you will break through and go down to your knee in snow.  At least I do.  I am just a bit short.   Poor little Zippy pulled a muscle while walking and is not his usual wild self.   He is having a hard time wagging his tail.

Just look at the sheen on the ice.  The ice is very abrasive.  We have to really watch the dogs' feet to make sure that they do not rub them raw.  I think Zippy needs some boots!  We may have this stuff around for awhile.


  1. Looking through your photos and it looks like you live in a beautiful area, even with the ice storm.

  2. Hi Maery! Thanks for the comment!

  3. These are all very beautiful shots of your world right now. Thanks for sharing...

  4. JIll....In looking at all your photos, you got it a lot worse than we did! Talk about ice! My horses would go nuts if they were in their stalls for 3 days. Not too often you have to plow a pasture, but I'm sure your critters appreciated it. Stay warm.

  5. are we all geared up for round 2? Tell me it is not gonna happen. . .