Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Most Beautiful Day

January 12th 2010 was one of the most beautiful days that I have ever seen.  We had a small snow the day before and the low clouds had created this beautiful rime ice on the mountain tops.  Also there were the most beautiful pastel colors in the sky.  The clouds had this pinkish orange glow with sections of baby blue sky coming through.  WOW.  The best word to describe this day is the word "soft".

I knew that I had to get outside.  I worked very hard to get all of my office duties done early enough to get out before the sun set.  Here is a close up of the ice.  I want to say that it is very difficult to work when it is this pretty outside.

It looked like someone took powdered sugar and sprinkled it onto the trees.   Do you see Zippy?  I had no idea that he was even in the picture until I saw it on my computer.

As you have probably noticed....I really love this tree.  I have pictures of it in all seasons.  I am not sure what it is about this tree, but I just have to take pictures of it.

I think maybe it is because it is a survivor.   It lives in a tough environment and thrives.  It is shaped by that environment and lucky enough to be in such a beautiful place.

Here we are sledding at a more safe location.  While you can veer out of control; you are LESS likely to fling yourself against a tree or rock.  Also there is no barb wire fence at the bottom of the hill.  Just look at that cloud over Elk Knob!  I waited and waited, but never got to see Elk Knob without the cloud.  Snake Mountain was also covered.  I finally gave up trying to get a picture and decided to sled.

Zippy was happy that he could chase me.  Sledding with Bumble and Zippy is not easy.  One person has to hold both dogs while the other person takes their turn down the hill. let one dog go.  If you let them go at the same time; there could be trouble.  Too much excitement will only be trouble.

It was getting dark, so these shots are a little grainy.   I think Zippy was going about 55mph.  You can see where I wiped out on some ice and only made it halfway down the hill.

Put on the brakes Zippy!


  1. Cute sequence of zip, zip Zippy! Did he get the brakes on in time?

  2. Well he tried. I had to jump out of the way and then he slid about another 5 feet. He is such a clown.

  3. Beautiful photos and that last one is a real hoot!

  4. What a fabulous series of photographs. Winter wonderland.

  5. Jill - I'm going to be anxious to see if you got some pictures yesterday or today. I was so busy holding onto the door on our way to work I never did get my camera out!!!!
    Beautiful, but scary as all get out!
    by the way - there's an award waiting for you at meandering and muses!! Drop by and pick it up when you can.