Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Riding and the beauty of fall in the mountains of NC.

We have been having some of the most beautiful fall weather and we decided to take advantage of 
it and take a little horseback ride.  

You can see here just how excited Eco was to go.  

He really is an excitable ball of energy.  

He is one of those fire breathing Paso Finos.  Ha ha.  

Seriously....Ready to explode at any moment.  

Poor Danza.....getting left behind.  

I tried to get my neighbor to go with us to ride, but she was busy.  

Don't worry turn will come.  

The scenery was over the top!  
Our leaves have been changing at record speed.  

High winds and warm dry conditions seem to have made the leaves
go quickly.  

Here is the dragon's neck.  

I love Eco's hair.

He looks like he is made of velvet in the winter months.  
Bright red and fluffy.  

How lucky we are to live in this place. 

Interesting clouds  

Elk Knob state park! 

Here the fire breathing Paso is picking up the pace and having a bit of fun.  

We had to take it easy because it was Brian's first time back in the saddle since his 
hand accident.  

We all made it back safely and it was time for a bath.  

Eco LOVES to have a bath after a ride. 

He likes to play in the water and 
drink from the hose.  

Such a goofball.  

Back in the pasture.

This tree was so beautiful.  I really like the greens 
and reds together.  

You can see how the wind damaged the edges of the leaves. 
Still very beautiful.
This is Snake Mountain.

For some reason, I have had a fascination with spiders this summer 
and fall.  

This guy was trying desperately to get away from me and my camera.

This spider made the best of this tree branch.  
Quite an intricate web. 

One of my favorite views from the yard.

I painted this picture last year of that same view.

I was trying out a new way of painting patterns and textures.  

It is so full of color here right now.  

Otis, Ollie and May enjoying the last warm days of fall.

This is our do or freeze your rear off time of year.  
Trying to get as many outside projects finished up before the cold
weather hits.  Getting my gardens ready for next spring and finishing as many 
concrete projects as possible make it very busy for me.  

Hey is about time you showed up!

You must be waiting for someone!

Oh....having a cookout by the fire I see!  

Yes....I know how you want your steak.  Raw right?

Still carving pumpkins.  

Hey....Bumble Pearl is gone......

You do not  have to sit out there anymore.  

I know......I just.....well......need job.  

I am getting tired of all of the pictures on this post....

Hurry up and finish this thing 
so that we can go for a walk.  

Okay.....Bumble....sorry about that!  

Just one more fall leaf shot

and another spider

Elk Knob again.

View from the golf course.  

Another group carved pumpkin.  

I did the nose!  

Man, I am so creative....ha ha ha.  

Time for a nap!  


  1. You just live in the most incredibly beautiful country!
    Bumble, you are so darn cute!
    Looks like a pretty darn good life out there.

  2. Wonderful post. Your Fall world is really beautiful. Thanks for sharing it with us. Now seriously, is Eco really a "ball of energy", or were you just making that up?

  3. We don't live too far from you and it IS beautiful here this time of year. I must say I would like to see some cooler weather though. Still just too warm for October! Beautiful pictures though.

  4. Those pictures are beautiful. What a wonderful way to spend such a perfect day. Bumble are you still bored? BOL
    Benny & Lily

  5. Beautiful series of photographs. The color is changing so rapidly this year that we are out as often as possible. Fortunately we had rain today so at least a bit of housework got done. I figure the housework will wait...the fall color will not.

  6. Sara-Thanks!
    MJ-Eco can be a handful, but always and I mean always very controlled and so fun to ride. Other times he is just as slow and easy and still fun to ride. I LOVE that horse!
    Heartbeats-I can wait for the cooler weather. I just wish that the wind would stop blowing so hard. All of the leaves are coming down too fast.
    Benny and Lily-Thanks! Bumble is still missing her guard duties.
    NCMountainwoman-You are right! We need to enjoy the outside time! My housework has also been suffering....but I don't care!

  7. Your painting is gorgeous as is the fall foliage in your area. You sure have some beautiful places to ride. A nice series of shots. Love the one's in the dark. It's grey and very windy here today...cold too.

    Glad you liked the quote.

  8. PS...that last shot of your cat could be Seymour!

  9. just found your blog thru my friend's blog verde your pics! our leaves are not going to be pretty this year...guess we got too much rain in the summer. i too have lots of animals...absolutely love your oil painting!!! my great aunt from vermont was an artist and used to travel to europe and paint for people who hired her to travel with them!

  10. Such great pictures of your place and all the charming critters! Love the painting too == you really captured the mottled sun and shade feeling.