Wednesday, February 8, 2012

More chewing and a skunk encounter.

I can't wait until it starts warming up and my flowers will pop up from the ground.

So pretty and warm.  
Green grass and growing pumpkins.

You may wonder why I am in a hurry for grass and warmth.  

This is why!  
Such a muddy mess. 
I miss the snow and cold.  It keeps everything in check until Spring.
My garlic is coming up the horses are a mess and the lilacs and viburnums are getting buds.
It just seems too early.  I know that we will have freezing temperatures and the blooms
will be damaged.  

Just look at how cute Smudge was (and still is of course).  
This photo should have given me a clue about future behavior. 

This should have also been a small indicator of things to come.
I thought it was so cute that she would climb up into the chair from the side.
What was I thinking?

Poor Gus...he has to watch so many bad things.
I put Smudge out only for a moment.  I was inside putting my coat on.  Getting ready to 
go to the shop to work on concrete.  When I reached the door...this is what I saw.

Bad, bad Smudge.
Look at that chair...
The chair that my dad made.

I didn't mean to do it! forgot about it soon enough.
You forgot because of what Zippy did.......
At least I am not as bad as Zippy.

Okay, Smudge....I will give you that.  
Zippy did get in trouble.

What's a Terrier to do????

I was just a little skunk..

Here little skunk..

I think that I smell pretty good...
At least I am clean and sparkling white.

He may be clean and sparkling white, but boy does he stink. 

A 2a.m. skunk encounter is not a fun thing to deal with.
I did find that a mixture of hydrogen peroxide, baking soda and dish soap
did the trick.  

The only problem is that skunk oder sticks to everything.  
I never really understood just how powerful skunk scent was. 

I can only imagine the surprise that Zippy had when he had his mouth just in perfect 
chomping position...only to be sprayed full force by the most powerful scent
known to man.  

It has been so beautiful and clear.  

A small Hawthorne tree. 

I love the moss covered base of this tree.  

I found this spongy piece of wood with some sort of insect tunnels running through it. 
Thought it was pretty interesting.

Another view of my "Thinking Place". 

I know what Zippy is thinking.......
Here little skunk.....
You would think that a skunk encounter would deter a terrier....
Nope..Only makes him want one even more.  

I have been very busy making concrete stumps.
This is a large planter.  
Approx. 17" tall.

A stump stool/side table.
17-18" tall.

Another view showing the top.

I did an experiment with a heart shaped rock embedded into the concrete. 
I think that I like it. 

Using my models for size comparison.  

Another stump stool/side table.  

All hand carved Faux Bois concrete.

Here skunk.....
I bet that I will get you next time....

We had a very small dusting of snow this morning. 
Warm enough for the minis to enjoy.
It has been so warm this winter that I think they are enjoying this! 

Smudge loves it!  


  1. I did not realize that the skunk "hit" was at 2 a.m. That does NOT sound fun at all. I love the one (is it a votive?) with the stone in it - so cool. Love all of the stumps - your talent is amazing!!

  2. I once saw a skunk in the rode and tried to center the car over him and not hit him. He sprayed the bottom of my car. And silly me, I put the car into the garage. Next morning -- Aaagh!

    I feel your pain over the skunk, the silly winter weather, and the chew damage. But at least you have some great concrete work going on. I like your embedded stone!

  3. ROTFLOL My old mare used to like to go 'muddin' too. I was sure that she could get her whole body in a 1' mud puddle.

  4. Smudge you are lucky you are cute. You could have blamed Zippy for chewing the chair but she caught you!! Hope stinky winky is smelling clean again
    Benny & Lily

  5. Glad you didn't fall for that tomato cure for skunk smell. The one time I tried it, the dog smelled like a pizza that has been sprayed by a skunk.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  6. Love the heart-shaped rock. Your work is just fabulous!
    You are such a little devil and so easy to forgive, Smudge!
    Poor Zippy. I hope you don't have to wait too long before somebody hugs you.

    Love ya lots,

  7. A skunk!?! Yikes.

    It'll be spring soon enough :-) The days are already much longer!

    I think I'd be tempted to paint some hot sauce on the chew areas of that chair...

  8. On a day that I'm worn out and tired, I've really enjoyed this post!! I'm glad however that it turned out 'okay' with the skunk--The skunks are really out and about here because love is in the air...I'm just glad that one didn't 'share the love' with Zippy! :-)

    I love the stumps!!!

  9. jill
    you win the BEST blog post title EVER!
    WELL DONE.....

  10. You are going to have to curb that chewing, it looks like Smudge is going to need braces!

  11. Great post! I do fear the skunk encounters. One of them sprayed somewhere near our house three nights ago and we can still smell the odor when we go outside.

  12. Your creations are awesome! Leave it to my boy Zippy to find something of real interest compared to chewing on a chair!...:)JP

  13. Love seeing Zippy running in that beautiful countryside....and pouncing.

    Smudge will have every thing back in her special place soon.

    XXXOOO daisy, Bella & Roxy