Thursday, March 1, 2012

Queen Smudge and joking horses.

I don't mean to start out with something sad.
Really it is not sad.
I just miss my Bumble.
I have been thinking about her a lot this week.  I don't know why.

I had an appointment to got to the other day and thought...
I would take Zippy for a quick walk.
Then he did this....
Then he had to have a bath.  Then....I was late for the appointment.  

This is what I see when I walk up the drive.
after working on concrete.
I know it looks as if they don't know who I am, 
but maybe they are just getting excited that I am finally home. 

Wait....Is she actually growling at me???


Just kidding....she was just playing.

Ha ha ha..

Okay...time for a walk.
Something that I discovered on our walk...
Smudge and Gus have no sense of direction.
One goes East and one goes West. 

Come on Gus....this way...

Oh...wait...maybe I should go that way...

No...this way...

Over there...

I'm confused..I think that I will just kick back in my chair and relax in the sun.

Beautiful sunset!

An interesting thing has been happening.
Zippy has become a birddog. 

We have had some really beautiful weather lately and have seen a few 
Ruffled Grouse. 

The first time Zippy sniffed one out..I thought it was just luck.

But it has now become a game to him.  
He searches the area 
with his nose to the ground.

He has flushed (I guess that is the correct term)
10 Grouse so far.  
He knows exactly where to find them.  
He loves to watch them fly into the air and just stands there 
watching them.  

I don't have a picture of the Grouse..because when they fly from 
their cover like a cannon ball coming out of a cannon...
I jump into the air and scream.  Ha ha..
Well..I don't really scream, but I do jump a bit.  
I will keep trying to get a picture.  They are fast little creatures.

Still sunning....
Or should I say stunning...

I love this chair.   
It is hard being a beauty queen.  I have a lot of resting and 
primping to do.  It really makes a girl tired.

When I sit in this chair....all of the others know that I am the queen.  
They bow down to my beauty and power.
They do everything that I ask. 

Oh brother....It is really getting deep around here.

Hey Eco....Why did the race horse go behind the tree?

I don't know Oracle....Why?

To change his jockeys..

Ha ha ha ha...

Here is another one...Eco, why can't horses dance?

I don't know Oracle.

Because they have two left feet!
Ha ha ha...

I am with Otis....It is really getting deep.

Smudge discovering the small pond at my neighbor's house.
Don't worry....I was stand right there ready to pull her out in case she fell in.
Bulldogs do not swim least most bulldogs.
Smudge enjoyed the mud on the edge.  

I have been turning these gold/brown gargoyles into more of a 
grey color to match a stone wall.

I think the color looks pretty good. 
They had a coat of green and white paint with a brown glaze over them 
that I had to brush off and then I stained them grey.
I could not get all of the green paint off without damaging the concrete, so I just had 
to work with it. 

Oh Smudge....You have finally broken the arm off of the chair.  

I know....You did not mean to do it...
Maybe try playing with or chewing on one of your toys...
It would really make me happy. 


  1. How about a little Tabasco sauce sprayed on the areas she's chewing? Works for squirrels...

  2. Your horses have a good sense of humor! I really do enjoy your dog tales.

  3. LOVE the joking horses!! And Zippy the Bird Dog - BOL. Smudge, you are a character!!

    -Bart and Ruby

  4. Great pics! I hear you - some animals just stay in your heart forever - never all that far from the mind.

  5. Jill, when I read that you've been thinking about Bumble, it brought a tear to my eyes. Funny, I've been thinking about Bumble too! That, my friend, is a good thing!...:)JP

  6. I think sweet Bumble must have been trying to communicate with you! More great looks like you don't have as much mud as we do.

  7. Love Smudge on her thrown.....just needs a tiara, although the pond picture sort of ruins her regal appearance...BOL!

    Love the horse jokes.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  8. It's hard to say what I enjoyed more about this post--Zippy your bird-dog, the horses sense of humor, the gargoyles, or Smudge who has a unique talent of making a comfy chair! :-))!!

  9. I know you didn't mean to break the arm on the chair, Smudge. oops!
    What a gorgeous sunset!

    Love ya lots,

  10. The picture of Bumble made me sad. She was so beautiful and full of character. When I get thoughts like that, I like to think that they are visiting me somehow. The sunset picture is unbelievable. And I cannot imagine how Smudge looked when she got out of that mud!!! Gracie could teach Smudge to swim - she swam for therapy when she had her hip replacement surgeries. The surgeon's office made me come and watch her as they said they had never seen a bulldog swim.

  11. I still think about the dog I had in high school sometimes so I'm not surprised you would be thinking about Bumble. Great photos and humor. I was wondering if you made the gargoyles or are just reworking them. I really do like them. Maybe Smudge is trying to sculpt the chair a bite at a time...

  12. ohhh now if only that coffee trick would have worked!!!

    and yes i miss Bumble too! Although it is great to be back here and see all the boys and girls!

    Big hugs from Indiana

  13. I miss Bumble too. She was such a doll! And Smudge is clearly a nut! Bulldogs are just trouble- but the BEST kind of trouble! My Calhoun has an affection for yard furniture as well. What can you do? Calhoun can't swim worth a darn either. Poor thing almost drowned in Charleston. You'll remember he is part Bully. ;-)

    Mamma Heartbeat