Monday, September 24, 2012

The results are in!!!

I had another post that I wanted to show you, but...
Blogger would not let me log in to my blog. 
I could not comment or post.  
Sorry for the delay.

This is a brief glimpse at "Spider Blimp"
I am making it out of barbed wire and electric fencing wire.  
The humming birds love to sit on it.

Smudge on the way to the concrete shop.

Hey, Smudge!
Something else to add to her chewed up items list...
She shredded a small rug last night.
When I say shredded....I mean shredded. 

One of my dahlias in the back yard.  

Zippy and I took a sunset stroll the other day. 
It was very pretty.

On the way home....Zippy was aglow with enthusiasm.  

Ha ha ha..

The same dahlia pictured above only at night. the BIG news!  

We (Thanks Gary) loaded Sparky up and took her to the Yadkin Valley Pumpkin Festival.
This is a festival held in Elkin, NC and one of the weigh offs that is sanctioned by 
the Great Pumpkin Commonwealth, or GPC.

Lots of folks show up for the weigh off. 
Many driving for hours just to have their pumpkin, squash or watermelon weighed.

Here is Sparky on the forklift.  
I knew from looking at the competition, that Sparky may have a chance in the top 5. just never know if she will go light.....or go heavy.

I was hoping for heavy, because I did not have to cut her from the vine until 
the night before the competition.

This is Sam...He works very hard to make this competition a success.
Thanks Sam!!!

The type of pumpkin on the scale is a "field pumpkin" they have their own division.
This is basically a Connecticut field pumpkin. 
Just like the ones you carve for Halloween. 

Smudge had to go with us.  
I did not know when we would be finished up and she has to have her 
meds. at specific times during the day.
She had a great time!

Another view of the giant melons and more pumpkins.

The time is drawing near.....


Here we go!

Sparky's turn!!!!

I had to get up in front of the crowd and talk about Sparky.
She had to be properly introduced...
I am sort of shy and it was interesting.

The tension was mounting.......
You could hear gasps from the crowd.....
Actually I think they gasped when I said Sparky was from Meat Camp, NC. 
Maybe it was when I said that I started growing giant pumpkins for the leaves.
Maybe it was when I said that I cut the vine yesterday...
Whatever....there were gasps..Ha ha ha.

So......680.4 lb. !!!!!
Her weight earned her a wonderful Third Place win!!!!
I was very surprised!!!
She went heavy!!!
I can only imagine how heavy she would have or could have been if the weather had 
cooperated.  We had about a two week period of cool night time temps that really slowed her down.
So....Next out.  
Sparky may have some siblings that will make it to the weigh off.

Smudge and my sister enjoying the day.

This is the first place winner!!
Great job guys!!
972.1 lb.

Smudge and my dad at the festival.

Smudge was tired after all of the festivities.
However she did muster up enough energy to chew the rug up...
I think that I just said Smudge, like...50 times...ha ha..

We got Sparky home and set her up for her party.
She will be with us for one more week and then will move on to a local 
Restaurant.  The Best Cellar in Blowing Rock, NC.  

We used a sofa cushion on the front of the tractor to keep Sparky from getting scratched up.
I thought it was funny.  

That's my dad on the tractor.

That is hilarious!!

Well....This is the last photo of Sparky in her natural setting.....
I will miss her...

Smudge had to have a photo too..

One last picture....

Now we have fun.

We have a little neighborhood party to celebrate Sparky.

This was from last year.
My neighbors are a little strange.
They glow in the dark.

More Dahlias

Finally got Chuck the Oak Hill Iron Dog finished.
I think he turned out really nice.

I gave him a smile, because he is such a fun loving guy. 

Praying mantis.  I have seen several of these lately.

Have a great week folks!


  1. Fun post!! Loved all the pics! Congrats on Sparky's 3rd place win! :)

  2. Congratulations on Sparky! What a fantastic effort both growing him and getting him there.

    Blogger is a pain at times.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  3. Congrats on Sparky and next year you will grow one that is even bigger!...:)JP

  4. Oh my God you are hilarious, first of all that the Great Pun kin has a name, BOL. It sure looks like a fun event. Its so exciting. Hope you are doing better on your meds Smudge. Love the Oak Hill dog
    Benny & Lily

  5. I can't believe you grew a 680 lb pumpkin!!! What's in your soil?!? ;-)

    Love Chuck - what a beautiful piece!

  6. I just love seeing your blog posts on my blogger feed!!

    Mamma Heartbeat

  7. Congratulations Jill and Sparky! We have enjoyed reading her journey from seed to 3rd place winner!

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  8. Congratulations all around! Great photographs.