Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas!!!

Zippy in lights!  

We have been trying desperately to come up with a great card this year.
The one of Zippy in lights was hard to top. 
Miss May tried to have Christmas cheer, but fell a little short....ha ha ha...short because
she IS short...ha ha ha...

This photo has nothing to do with Christmas.
I just thought it was funny.

That poor humming bird must have gotten stuck in the house.  Ha ha ha..

Smudge has been a bit difficult to light up.
She wants to eat the lights...
she will not sit still long enough to get a clear shot.

So....I had to take the pictures while she was sleeping. 

Zippy helped me mulch the garden the other day. 

I am late in doing this, but the weather luckily cooperated.  


We had been having a very mild Dec.

Put on the brakes, Smudge!!!

Zippy will do anything for a cookie.
Here we have Zippy the red nosed reindog.

I think he is embarrassed.....

Miss May is still working on her holiday cheer.

Otis the mini mule decided to step in and show 
May how it is done. 

He problem..

This lighting stuff is great......

Now.....give me a cookie!!!!!!

On the solstice...we had a wonderful little snow storm.
This has become sort of a pattern here. 

We also had high wind.  
It shook the house a few times. 
My neighbor lost a roof to one of his out buildings and a piece of his greenhouse.

After the wind died down...I decided to take Smudge out to get
Christmas picture.

This is what I got.

Not liking the Santa hat.

Trying to ditch the Santa hat.

Still trying......

Finally giving up.......or......

maybe she will just eat it.

Ho ho ho!!!

Zippy shaking.  
When he does this all four feet come off of the ground. 
It cracks me up.

Zippy showing Smudge how it is done.  
One take.
Look at the big smile on his face.

The next day....Smudge playing in the snow.

She LOVES the snow.

This is one of my favorites. 

She likes to run with her eyes closed.

Found a leaf.


No one saw that......

Finally!!!!  A semi decent shot in lights.
Still too dark, but getting better.

Just to show you that I also get into the spirit. least I used to.
This is from a couple of years ago. 
It was very very cold.
I have on 10 layers of jackets.

Oracle in the snow.

Miss May still trying......


  1. I love this post! You are the Queen of Lights...that's for sure. Zippy and Smudge are like stars in the sky. Merry Christmas to you, your family and all those very sweet critters.

  2. We love each and every one of these photos and any one of them could be a great Christmas Card. Zippy looks great in the first picture and Smudge, well, what a joy....
    But I have to say the picture that grips my heart and makes it sing is Oracle running through the snow.

    Merry Christmas and Thank you
    Bert and My Vickie

  3. Bert and his Vickie took the words right out of our mouths! Wonderful pictures, all - but Oracle is breathtaking in the snow!!

    Merry Christmas to all of you!

    -Bart and Ruby

  4. Jill, what wonderful photos of Smudge and Zippy! If it wasn't for their clothing, they would disappear!
    Merry Christmas!

  5. Merry Christmas! We love the pictures of Zippy and Smudge jumping either in mulch or snow. And we are with Smudge....NO HATS!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  6. We love all of the photos! Merry Christmas to all of you!

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  7. Oracle is a beauty.....that says it all....Merry Xmas....Smudge really loves the snow for sure...Zippy is so Xmas light shot at the know everything is cool!
    There I said it!
    Happy Holidays!

  8. LOVE this post!! We are right outside Greenville SC and the wind has been awful! Can't imagine what you all are getting!

    Mamma Heartbeat