Monday, July 1, 2013

My BIG red ball; Horse adventures and Hummingbirds.

This has been a fun summer..
I love my big red ball. 

I pretty much play with it every single time I go out.

See how beautiful it is??
It is THE most beautiful ball ever in the world.

What's this????
A most wonderful pink soccer ball!!!!
I love it too!!!
Maybe even a little better than the red one.

Not so fast, big ears.

That is MY pink soccer ball.
A very special person gave it to me.

You better not mess it up!

Does this look like a face of someone who would mess up a
perfectly good pink soccer ball???

Seriously...give me more credit than that!

Beautiful Iris.

Oh no!!

I am hiding.
I am in a bit of trouble.....
I kind of....just a little bit....not on purpose...
chewed up Zippy's pink soccer ball.

I didn't mean to do it!!
I just started playing and got a bit carried away.
It was a true accident.
I hope that he doesn't notice....
Besides, I hid the ball and he will never ever find it.

Oh what a beautiful day for a walk!  

It has been very rainy lately, and this is the type of day that we have
been waiting on.

So beautiful!

Hmmm....where is my pink soccer ball???
I have looked everywhere for it.
I know that I had it here just a couple of days ago.

The rain has done a great job of bringing out all of the beautiful blooms 
of summer.

The Miss Kim lilac was so full this year.

All of the poppies were giant.

This beauty is a local resident.
Just taking it easy.

I feel like having an adventure.

The wild flame azaleas were covered in blooms this year.

So were the peonies.  

What are you doing in the yard???

Told you I wanted an adventure.
I brought the others along...I hope that you don't mind.


La la lala.....Zippy has not noticed that his ball is missing....
Ha ha ha!!

I hid it really well!

Here is May, fashioning the latest in Asshat wear.

Hey are looking good in that hat!  
Ha ha ha.

Don't make fun of me Otis...
you know what will happen!

Oh brother!!! 
This is nuts.

Beautiful indigo bunting!
He keeps fighting his reflection in the window.


Nope.....Zippy will never guess where I hid the ball!


The Bull Terrier Shake.

My sister in law gave me this wonderful birdhouse made from an old
oil can.  It has been here for several years...empty.

This year...a family moved in.

Looking for my ball...

The backyard. 

This may look bad, but I am only just rolling in the grass.

No ball here...nothing to look at....
Please move along.

Is that a hose I hear????

Summertime fun....

This is great fun!!!

I love the water!!

Give me that hose!!

What a great day.

The super moon.

Super moon with clouds.

The hummingbirds here are really enjoying the red hot pokers.

If you want must have these.

Beautiful glass sculpture by my friend Jak Brewer.

Hmmmm.....I hear hoofbeats.

Ha ha ha..the neighbor horses came up for a visit.

Today is a very, very special day...It is my birthday!!!!!

Today (June 27th) I am 2 years old.
It was a good day and a bit of a bad day....
I had a seizure (I have epilepsy).
Kind of a bummer on your birthday.
However it was still a good day because I got to go
to The Pet Place and pick out a couple of toys.
That made me feel much better.  

I want one with cheese please.
This was at my party.
At least I believe it was MY party.

Wild mini mules.

You know.....I could not find my ball, so I decided to play 
with this one instead.
He he he......(evil Zippy laugh)

It says Jolly right on the front.

It made me jolly to play with it.
I love this ball.

I can't believe that I never realized how fun it was.

I don't even miss my other ball anymore!

I think that I will keep this one.

This is the best ball ever!!!!

Woo hoo!!!

This is now my ball!  
Thanks Smudge!

Oh no........

It is all fun and games until someone steals your ball......

Have a great week folks!!!

Be careful over the 4th and keep your pets safe.

If you have a chance, also say a little prayer for my 
buddy Benny at the Two French Bulldogs blog.  He 
is fighting liver cancer.  We love Benny and Lily.


  1. Oh how we love your pictures and your big red ball. That thing sure looks like fun. Your pet donkeys are adorable Smudge
    Benny & Lily

  2. Jill...what a great post! Both of the dogs are so darn photogenic! Not to mention the rest of the critters. Love the Asshat. Love the macro flower shots. And we also love Benny and Lily.

  3. Happy Birthday, Smudge! Deflated balls are the best!
    We just love all of your beautiful photos!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly