Sunday, September 1, 2013

Aug....three or four posts all rolled into one.

This post is what happened throughout Aug.  This is a very very long post.

You will have to probably click on the photo above and the one below to see
the paragliders.  They have a big fly-in on Tater Hill every year and 
we are lucky enough to see them.  

Pretty incredible day for it too. 
We have also ridden the horses up to Tater Hill during the fly-in.
Lots of fun and very interesting to watch.

My mom and dad...they are so cute.

With all of the rain that we have been getting, mowing the grass has been an issue.
This is Smudge after a rare dry day.  
She enjoyed rolling in the freshly mowed yard and turning herself green.  

The glads this year have been glorious.

The colors are very beautiful.
However keeping them upright has been a chore.

The hummingbirds have been so much fun to watch this year.
They were eating two quarts of nectar a day.

This is a juvenile male.
You can see the bright red feathers starting to come out.

Looks a like a little penguin in this shot.

Smile Otis..
Ha ha ha..

Now May is in the mood.
What a face.
I have been laughing at these pictures for days.

Front garden.

Wide load Bumblebee.

Hard to get any rest with all of the hummingbirds flying around.

NO!  I am NOT chewing the chair....

A beautiful butterfly.

The beginning of a giant pumpkin.
With such a late pollination, I have a feeling that Miss Bea the pumpkin, will BE rather small.

Zippy has exciting news.
He was chosen as one of the models for the 2014
Browntrout Bull Terrier Calendar.  
He is very happy about it.  

Smudge is not impressed.

Miss Bea is gaining ground.

Another garden shot.

Depending on where my trusty model sits, the pumpkin can look larger....

Or smaller.

Hey...I am a much cuter model.
Check this out! 

Seriously.....just look at my style and pearly whites.

What could be better looking than this hot bod?  

Leave it to the pros.....Smudge.

A great cookout with the neighbors.

Gorgeous sky at the cookout.

Nothing to being a model...see
I can do it! 

Oh brother....neither one of them showed up for the photo shoot.
What am I going to do now???

Oh wait....I see my little model must have had the wrong pumpkin address.


Get out of the pumpkin patch!!!!

This happens every I am really not surprised.

May enjoys scooting under the electric wire to eat the crop of delicious pumpkins and 
squash that I grow out in the field.  She has gotten really good at going low to get under the fence.

Take this Smudge...

No, take this....

And......this.....You will never be as cute as I am.

Aug. 18th...Today is my Birthday!!!!!

Happy Birthday to me....

Happy Birthday to me......

Too bad it rained...

No problem, Smudge....I can do cute too.

We had to postpone Zippy's birthday walk for a day, but look at what we got to see.

The clouds were incredible.
That is Snake Mountain in the background.

Snake Mt. and Elk Knob.  


What a glorious day!  
Hard to beat a day like that.  

Miss Bea is really plumping up. 

I wonder where Smudge is???

I am NOT chewing my chair....zzzz....zzzzz...
Really???  Then what is that on your face?  Looks like wood chips to me...

Here I am!!! 
I was just taking a break.

My newest painting.  
I like color.

Too bad the art critics are so tough around here.

Now this is a good shot.
Getting big!!

My neighbors.  
Larry the Magnificent and Keith Lambert.
Keith and Willie(in the shirt)
 are fantastic potters and have a wonderful studio out here
on Meat Camp Road and in Beaufort, NC.  Shipyard Earthworks.  
If you are in the area, stop by to see them!  

Butterfly and thistle.

I am not sure what type of spider or insect does this, but it is very interesting.

Zippy out for a stroll in the hood.

Some of the barns in the neighborhood.

The entrance to my vegetable garden.

Someone...taking a nap...

No...I am ready for action..I was just resting...only for a moment.

My wonderful friend, Jak Brewer...(I kind of like this guy) gave me a drill and bit that 
I used to drill holes in these wine bottles.  We used them for our women's writing group.  We made
a wine label for the front and back.  The front label was a positive name describing each individual.
Some of the ladies had a difficult time with that.  describing yourself in a positive way is 
not always easy.  The back label was a sentence or two describing your wine (or person).  
Then we took lights and put them through the holes and made a wine bottle lamp.  

Speaking of Jak, this is one of my favorite pieces of glass that I have seen so far.
It is so free flowing a beautiful.  
Very feminine and fluid.
I LOVE this one. 

This is another beauty.

I had a hard time getting a good photo of this one, but it is also gorgeous.

Another shot of the same piece. are awesome!!  Ha ha ha.
I know you are reading this.

Zippy...looking a bit yellow.
It was early morning...

Forget that Zippy dog..
I make the pumpkin look much better and bigger.

Smudge had a special date with Chuck, The Oak Hill Iron dog.

They had some very special moments.

A funny, goofy shot.

Having fun!!

Love at first sight.

Checking out a butterfly.

We had the most amazing cloud experience the other day.

Just at the right place at the perfect time of day.

A shot of the front yard and gardens.
Hard to believe it is already Sept. 1.
The summer flew by.
I think it was because of all of the rainy days that were spent inside.  

Centerfold material.

Smudge eating a purple bean

A beautiful hawk.
The vote is out about what type.
Either a Red shouldered hawk or a juvenile Red-tailed.  
Who was beautiful.  

Zippy hard at work.

This is what I think of Zippy....

Ha ha ha...

This is much more fun that modeling anyway...

Oh yes! 

He he he..

Hugs to all, Smudge.  


  1. Your pictures are always so gorgeous! We just love the ones of May and Otis smiling ☺
    You are such a talented artist and make such beautiful things!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  2. Thank you very much, Mitch and Molly! Love back at you! Smudge and Zippy.

  3. I love these catch up posts. Every shot is special.