Friday, March 6, 2009

Introducing Oracle

Today started out nice. Beautiful day, warm weather, and I was excited about dropping off a painting at a local art show. As I was getting ready to leave, I heard a horse. No big deal, they "talk" to each other here and there. Then, I heard it again! I thought hmmmm..........that is strange. I looked outside and did not see the horses. I find my shoes and go out to see what is going on. Well, there is Oracle on the wrong side of the fence. The other two horses, Danza and Eco, were running beside Oracle on the opposite side of the fence. This is a problem because when the horses are excited, they are rather hard to catch. So I called my trusty steed Eco and he and Danza came running up to me at the barn (which is our house too) and I let them into their stalls. Oracle followed along the fence and came into the back yard. Instead of trying to catch him, I just calmly opened the gate and he walked in. Of course, then he did not want to go into his stall. I let him calm down for a moment or two and then FINALLY got him into his stall. Oracle is a wild soul. I do love him though.

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