Monday, August 3, 2009

Bird carvings

I am making a grape trellis for the three grape plants that I purchased this spring. The posts will be concrete faux bois and the tops of the posts will have bird finials. I may also add a bug or two. For some reason, I keep thinking that a praying mantis would look good on the top of one of the posts. The raven was my first attempt at a bird and it is a little sad. Looks more like a chicken to me. I gave up trying to get him "right" and his feet are very large and his beak is too long and his head is too round.....Back to the drawing board! The owl is better...more stylized and he/she has a meaning. During our concrete workshop with Elder Jones; we had a very nice person from the NC Raptor Center come up and release a barn owl. That was an unexpected treat for all. It is not every day that you get to see one of these beauties that close.

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