Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Oh Deer!

Hi folks! 

Things have been very snowy and cold around here.
The cold temperatures are one thing, but the wind....
It blew the snow in big circles.  I called them snownadoes.  

I had to wear my heavy winter coat this week.  
I did not like it one bit.  

This crazy thing happened while we were on our daily walk.

It is deer season you know and I like to watch deer.  
So we were walking and someone said "Hey...I see a deer"

I said..."Where???"

I still do not see it!

Ha ha ha....oh there it is.....
How unfortunate.  She looks so silly!  

Then...I realized that everyone was laughing at me....ME!

I could not figure it out...

Ha ha...Very Very funny.  

Let's put the antlers on the donkey.  

He he he.

Sorry May!

My little snow mule Otis.

Eco.  Love the whiskers.  

This is the beginning of the last snow storm.  
Still a balmy 20 something.  
The mules were chasing each other and I think that May was ready to 
go back into the barn.  

Did I mention that our tractor is not working.....

This is a sad situation because there is no way for us to plow our road.
Luckily the wind (that I disliked so much)  did us a favor and blew all of the snow 
off of the drive and we are still able to get out.  
I may need to reconsider my dislike of the winter wind.  

I guess it depends on whether you are upwind or downwind.
I do not want to be downwind.

The stairs to our house. 

At least this stuff is light and fluffy.   Makes it a bit easier to shovel.
My pond and fountain should be where the big pile of snow is.  

The outside temperatures were down in the single digits and 
the wonderful wind was gusting at 60 mph.  

So...the little guys came inside for a few days.  
If you could read that thermometer...It would say 8 degrees.  BRRRR....

Bumble speeding through the soft snow.  
So beautiful....

Elk Knob in the background.  
I will have to get a shot of Elk from a higher vantage point.  
I could not make it up to my usual spot because the snow was so deep.  
No snowshoes and I had the dogs with me.  
I hate that I missed that opportunity.

My newest painting.

You just never know what you might find under a rock.


  1. Beautiful post! Nothing prettier than horses in the snow ... except a deer, er I mean Bumble in the snow! LOL!

    Momma Heartbeat

  2. Oh Bumble, we always love your pictures. Do you believe what these mommas put us through! You are lucky it is not deer season, BOL
    Benny & Lily
    We nearly peed our pants looking at donkey

  3. Beautiful photos -- especially the one of the branch.

  4. Excellent photographs. Loved the whiskers on the horse...and all the other ones (of course). You sure are productive in the painting department! Another beauty.

    I think we have about the same amount of snow. Stay warm!

  5. As always the photos are amazing. Your place is gorgeous. I had to laugh at the deer out there--poor baby :) The donkeys make great deer too. Otis is a beauty. Our Otis looks a lot like yours :)

  6. Two of my favorites, Bumble and Zippy. And of course May. I am amazed at the beauty of your landscape, as always.

  7. We've been wondering how things were up the road at your place! GREAT pictures, as usual. What would Danny say about the fact that we're checking on one another through our blogs?! LOL!!

  8. Ha ha, Bumble! Looks beautiful but I'm not fond of the cold. It was almost 80 degrees and we were working outside in t-shirts this weekend...unbelievable. Wishing all of you a wonderful, joy filled holiday!

  9. Snow is beautiful isn't it? Wonderful photos and I love your painting! Sorry about the tractor. I know how bad that can be when it isn't working. The winds sound terrible but I'm glad they were going in the right direction.