Monday, December 27, 2010

The Drive Home for Christmas and beyond.

We left our place to drive to my parent's house on Christmas day. 
It was snowing like crazy when we left and we were a little worried about the drive.
My parents live about two hours away and it was also snowing at their place.
We just took our time and made it without any problems.  
It took us an extra hour to get back home, but we made it safe and sound.

Bumble is the only dog that always gets to go to Grammy's house.  
She gets along well with others and is not a pest.
Here she is holding onto the cooler with the bean salad and burned cookies.

Oh....yeah....I burned TWO batches of chocolate chip cookies.  
I am not a baker.
I did try.
The cookies were still edible, but just on the brown (almost black) side.
A for effort. 
My attention span is not made for things that only bake for 10 minutes.  
I also made sausage balls.
The only problem is that I left them in my freezer.  
I tried.

The entrance to my parent's house.
What a treat!  Snow on Christmas day!

A treat and also a pain if you had to drive anywhere.

Even the wildlife was stunned by the amount of snow that had fallen. 

My dad's tomato cages.

This is the field that our hay comes from. 

Thanks Dad!

The snow was on all of the trees and it was just beautiful.
It is not every day that we see snow that is not being blown sideways.
Also the temps were in the thirties.  Warm......

My father's workshop. 

This poor little deer....he looks really cold. 

Hey....pass the potatoes!  
Someone drop something......please.

A new take on Christmas lights. 

The day after Christmas.
Eco's other mom, Pepina, gave us these beautiful red blankets.
The horses loved them.
The wind did not. 

Look how beautiful they are!  

Danza seemed to really love her blanket.
She is our oldster.  
24 years young.  Soon to be 25. 

Danza protecting her hay.  

Otis and the other little guys were happy to come in.  
The snow is getting too deep for their little legs.  
I am really looking forward to the warm up at the end of this week!


  1. Love those red blankets. What a gift! Happy New Year Jill!

  2. Wow Bumble you rock. Your own cooler with beans and burnt cookies!! We never had anything like that.
    Benny & LIly
    Pee S. Beautiful snow pictures!!

  3. Wow-what a beautiful journey you took us on. Your parents place is beautiful and Bumble looks like he was a good little boy waiting on his crumbs. The beautiful red blankets are like a Norman Rockwell scene. Just love it. Happy New Year!

  4. Those blankets look so pretty against the snow! Luke tore up the blanket he was wearing. I have another but it's so big on him. I may have to look for a new one that comes in red.

  5. Beautiful white Christmas! I burn cookies (and even dinner!) for the same reason...I forget I am cooking. We call things like this cookies alla charra or cookies al carbon, just to make them sound purposeful. Lucky Bumble! Starley and Millicent made the 10 hour car trip and were on their best behavior! I will have to burn some cookies for them.

  6. Thank you for the beautiful tour. And of course Bumble is always welcome, she is a bully after all! And I don't mean the bad kind,but the good doggy kind.

    I want to thank you for your prayers for Allegra. She is worthy of your good thoughts.

  7. What wonderful photos! Our drive to Birmingham on Christmas Day was pretty stressful and we were happy to finally get there. Two hours later than we should have, but safe nevertheless.

    Jill - I am LOVING those red blankies!!

    Sausage balls. Still in your freezer . . . ?