Monday, January 3, 2011

Snow surf and stick chewing

Hmmmm...There seems to be a bit of a problem here.

This is the road to Grammy's house.
I have to get to Grammy's because.....she gives me the best treats....and Zippy is not 
around to bug me.  

No folks...this is not good.

How is Grammy going to get up here to feed me.  I might waste away.

Those snow waves go on forever.  

Someone needs to get busy and plow this driveway.  

I DID fix the tractor.
What is taking so long?  

If I only had a surfboard.  

The road was eventually opened and all is well with Bumble's world.  
She saw Grammy and got a snack.  

Silly blurred mini mules.

We have had some really pretty skies lately.  

Lenticular clouds above Elk Knob State Park.

I think that I have seen that spaceship at my neighbor's house.  Ha ha ha.  

Come on Bumble!  
Let's chew on some sticks. 


Scram kid.....this one is mine!

Silly bulldog.....find your own stick.

I am not happy!  That darn Zippy took my stick.  


I am talking to you!


Bumble!  Stop that...

I will chew this stick.

Looks like a girl could just have a little fun without getting into trouble.

Trouble is my middle name.....

My neighbor has a little deer that has taken up residence in his horses pasture.
It may have been injured or sick.
They have been feeding it and now the little guy/girl is gaining strength and 
seems to be fine.   Eating, running, and jumping over fences.  
(probably the same cute little deer that eats my hostas)

Pretty neat.  

It really has been nice around here lately.

The snow has ended and melted quite a bit.
We have been in the 30s and 40s.  Nice balmy weather. 
It is also nice to be able to walk around in regular hiking boots.

So clear and pretty.

Maybe that is a good sign for the new year!  
Either that or the folks in that spaceship are coming to take me away.  Ha ha.


  1. Oh Bumble we were so worried you were going to waste away. Can't you just scream when the kid takes away your stick. I am a victim on a daily basis. Love your pictures
    Benny & Lily

  2. Seems that after all the cold weather and snowstorms it just takes a few really beautiful days, like in this post, to make it all so much better again! What wonderful country you live in!!!

  3. btw ... Maybe you should teach Bumble to snowboard?

  4. Bumble does look deprived between snow too high to get treats and getting her stick stolen. Poor Bumble.....

    I don't know about the space ships getting you but I'm pretty sure the funny farm is in my future. LOL

  5. Oh wow-these phtotos are gorgeous! The blue skies and the snow too-it’s all just beautiful. Poor Bumble, what shall he do to get a treat from Grammy? :)

  6. You sure have had a variety of weather conditions! Great photos. Those surf shots were quite amazing. Bumble, you are such a happy dog.

  7. I really do enjoy your pictorial stories.

  8. What beautiful snow and sky pictures! And of course the dogs are always a treat!

  9. Gorgeous snow and beautiful pictures. I really like how you've turned the whole thing into a story.

    "Scram kid, this one's mine." Love it. That was exactly what he was thinking.

  10. We are not gonna let those people in that spaceship carry you away! oh no! THEN who would keep us informed on what's going on with Bumble and Zippy and Gus with all these gorgeous photos and fun stories?

  11. Hope it's not the same deer as in the deer leg fight! There was a deer that once took up residence at a horse barn where I used to ride. Maybe the spaceship is coming for Zippy and Bumble to keep them perpetually entertained!