Wednesday, January 19, 2011

More snow, a sunset and a sledding horse.

We have had another snow storm.  
This is a picture of a snow drift going over the front of a Polaris Ranger.
Pretty deep stuff.  
This is also the road to my parent's vacation house and where we keep our hay.  

We also have a rather large drift in our back yard.  

This drift extends to the area that the horses use to come in and out of the barn. 

We could not close the gate.
Better stuck open than closed.  

The other end of the same snowdrift.

Elk Knob State Park is looking so pretty.  

Here is another view of the park and also Snake Mountain.
I love it when the clouds roll over the tops of the mountains.  
I took Zippy with me to get this picture.  Bumble did not sneak out this time.
He found the deer leg that he and Bumble got in a fight over.
He carried it all the way home.  
They are friends again and all is well. 

You can see how deep the snow is in the woods.

By the way... this deer has all of his legs.  

Elk at sunset.

My newest painting.  
This is a view from my neighbor's golf course.
Hard to see in this picture, but the barn and barn quilt are on there.
Very small, but still there. 

After the storm cleared, I snowboarded and walked over to my parent's house.
Certain parts of me are still recovering.
My driveway is rather curvy....that is all I am saying.

You can see how large that drift was.  Right in front of the house. 

Barn quilt at sunset.

This is on the way back to my place.

The sky started looking so bright.  
I can not get any brighter or more beautiful.

Then, as I walked along, it did this.

and this.


Proof positive that the little injured deer was not eaten by Zippy and Bumble.  
Ha ha. 

Here he/she is.

You can see the little spot on it's shoulder that looks like a misplaced shot.
Honestly....why would someone want to shoot a baby.
I am glad this little fellow is now okay and doing well.
It ran away right after I took this picture and moved very well.  

Anything green around here is being eaten by the deer.
Amazing how they survive all of the snow and cold.
The twigs here are rhododendron.  

You can not even see the deck on my neighbor's house.

The horses and mini's have been having a good time!

It has warmed up quite a bit and the sun actually made an appearance.

Hey Eco!

Yes Danza.

Look at that crazy Oracle......he is sliding down the pasture on his back.

He is so silly!
He even has a smile on his face.

Goofy horse.

I was not sliding....I was sledding.

Joke's on you!

Ha ha ha. 

Good one Oracle!

Those horses are so dumb.  


  1. These are terrific! That Oracle!!!!! that was adorable.

  2. I am always in awe at how beautiful it is where you live. And to be surrounded by all those critters too??!! Pure heaven!

  3. Boy, did you get hit with snow! Gorgeous photos, and your newest painting is one of my favorites. Wow.

  4. More great pictures! Love the sliding horse!

  5. heavens, you have too much snow! your photos are very lovely and i enjoyed seeing your path. the painting is breathtaking! you are so lucky you have such a talent! as you know, i am very very happy your injured baby did not get eaten. i love your 'pony' pics! what a cutie patutie sliding down the hill. soooo cute! and the one with both of them laughing together is very unique...too cute!!!

  6. Jill ...everything got messed up with my header shots when I changed the photo. It kept coming out very small and I could not put text over it. Have no idea what I did. So now, I put up text at the top and added a gadget to get a larger picture. Yes, that was Berlin in the paddock.

  7. The grape arbor looks fantastic with lights! The sky photos are gorgeous, no doubt will inspire more paintings! I will soon post some pictures I took on the Riverwalk of something like faux bois, only it's something...else. Maybe you'll be able to tell me if it's the same technique...