Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Owlhog day....and a dream.

Dear Mr. Owl....How many more days of winter will we have?
We do not have a groundhog available.

We had a rare occurrence last week.
A snow that actually stuck to the trees.  
(It has been a while since I posted)

Usually it is very windy and cold, so the snow just blows 
around and makes large snowdrifts.

Not this snow!

Very beautiful!!!

Also it was much warmer.
Upper 20s!

The sunrise was gorgeous! could it be more beautiful?
Who knew that the crack of dawn could be so wonderful. 
Actually I did....I just like saying "crack of dawn".
It "cracks" me up.
Ha ha ha. 

Time for a walk!

Come on mom!  The beach is waiting.

The sound of the surf....the waves....I can hardly wait.

Huh???  What beach?????

You are dreaming again!!!!

Oh!   I thought it was kind of cold out here.

Oh well.....a girl can dream can't she? 

Sunset through the branches.

We are dreaming of gardening.  
Crocks and snow spikes.  
Good times.

The grapevine arbor.

Snake Mountain.
Turning pink in the sunset.

Beautiful clouds.

Who cares if it is cold and windy? 

Winter is beautiful.

Winter is fun.  

I actually like the cold weather.  

Much better than hot days when I can't even go on walks.

Right Zippy?
Where are you going????

This is how he got his name folks.

New painting. 
Giving it to my mom for her birthday. 

Better get used to it.

Okay Mr. Owl what is it? 
More snow or warmer weather?
I vote for more snow. 


  1. We sure love seeing your snow/winter pictures. So beautiful. Mr. Groundhog said spring is on it's way
    Benny & Lily

  2. You and Bumble have some serious style! Love the painting for your Mom and was happy to see someone else who is up early enough to catch the sunrise. Wow. We are supposed to have an early spring. The snow can cool it as far as I am concerned.

  3. Jill, your photos are beautiful. That sunrise should be framed. Aren't dogs fun the snow? Our collie didn't know what to think of the snow when she moved with us from Houston to the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania years ago.

    Stay warm. Maybe Groundhog Phil was right and spring is on the way.

  4. Wonderful photos and I love your painting!

  5. i enjoy the snow but we have had too much of it and i am ready for it stay away till next winter! love your photos jill. the sunrise is magically and your babies are so cute. my fave is the single tree with all of the snow and brumble just sitting there. your mom will be so pleased with your awesome painting. i really like that one! the deer have told me we are having an early spring. they told me that quite awhile ago. everything was early...the rutt, their winter coats came early, their loss of antlers (usually on my farm they keep them till april) and now little spots of a summer coat are trying to grow. take care and thank you so much for commenting on my blog.