Saturday, February 12, 2011

Just pictures and a painting.

This is one of my "magical" places. 
I go here to wind down from whatever the world has handed me for the day.
A place where I can just go and relax for a moment.  
I guess that is why I have so many pictures of it. 
A place where I can think of nothing, except for how beautiful it is.
To appreciate life, nature, my dogs (that is if they are not in a disagreement over a deer leg), being thankful for natural places, people, things, 
and...just being.
I think everyone should have a place like this.
Even if it is in your backyard or even in your house.
It could be anywhere.

A place where nothing else matters.
A place that makes you happy.
A place that makes you smile.

This rock is near my magical place.
I guess it is magical too. 

The sky was so pretty the other day.  
We still have some snow.
It is interesting to see where all of the big drifts end up. 
View of our house/barn combo. 
Very convenient during bad weather.

Love this interesting arrangement of roots.

We have a lot of trees growing over rocks or trees that incorporate rocks.
It reminds me of a slow version of "The Blob".  I was just a wee child when I saw that movie.  
It really scared me. 

Took this the night of the Super Bowl.  
It was a "little" windy and ha ha....I did not have a tripod.
You can pretend like you live on a different planet and you have many moons.

Here is Miss Bumble showing her friends how she can curl her tongue.  

Here she is looking like she is interested in something.

Here she is looking even more interested.
I wonder if I took enough pictures of her this week?

Check out this wild grape vine.
We have these things all over the place.
You can see how large it is by comparing it to (of course) Bumble in the background.

There are also lots and lots of stacked rocks around.
We grow rocks here.

New painting.

Here little deer.....I want to chase you...
(Just to ease your minds.....Zippy may chase a deer for about 20 feet before he is left in the dust
and loses interest)
I think he has more fun just locating a deer. 

Bumble is not a deer chaser.

Her little legs will not allow such foolishness.

She is more of a poser.

Spreading her beauty around for all to enjoy. 

She will try to track down Mr. Raccoon though.  

They have a rivalrous relationship.
Who can make it to the tree first?

Waiting to be let in for the evening.
Eco is making a face behind the tree.

How can you not love that little grey barn?

Bumble modeling in front of the neighbor's stream.
Just look at the way she artfully sticks out that tooth.
She really is a professional.  

Beautiful ice formations on the creek. 
Bumble missed out on this one.  


  1. More great photos!
    Love 'em, Love 'em, Love 'em!
    Your magical place truly is magical.
    Your newest painting is beautiful, Jill.
    And since my computer would not cooperate long enough to post on your last blog - they were wonderful pictures too. I especially loved Bumble in her pretty pink glasses.

  2. I absolutely love your photos and your special place. You’re right--we all need one of those and you have chosen a good one--that rock is amazing. If you ever want to get rid of Miss Bumble--I would be a great momma for her:) LOL I know that won’t happen but had to throw it out there--she is too much :)

  3. Thanks Kaye! Your glasses inspired me for that one!

    Verde Farm- I was a bit to late to participate in the farm friend friday. Maybe next week I will be a little more prepared. The next time Bumble chews up one of my may get a call...ha ha.

  4. Beautiful pictures and I love the Blue Bear!

  5. Another beautiful painting! You are very good at this! Fabulous photos too. We sure have a lot more snow than you do....

    I can understand why that is your special place...

  6. Bumble you are one hot momma modeling you tooth. Anyway great pictures. Did you get to chase the deer?
    Benny & Lily
    Pee S. Mommas painting sure is purrty

  7. I have several magical places I can escape to here. Bumble, you are the most photogenic bulldog! Who needs to chase deer when you have a modeling contract?

  8. Wow- Jill-- The photos and artwork on your blog are amazing! And I LOVE the terrain where you live-- That rock would be my magical spot too. Very cool!

  9. Jill, I'm wondering if Carlos Cortez did this work?--it's so expertly done. I couldn't find a way to email you before I left to see if you knew where on the Riverwalk his new work could be seen, as I would love to photograph it and share it with you. I'm there often enough. You can email me through my blog.

  10. Jill, what a lovely group of pictures. Miss Bumble makes me smile. I bet she would love to chase some deer.

  11. Thanks for the trip to your special place. I seem to have to go to special places by visiting other people's blogs. Beautiful painting - I like the colors you use for your background and how it contrasts with the deep blackish-blueness of the bear.