Friday, February 18, 2011

Mini mule breakout and a Bumble.

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Hi everyone!
Miss May here.
What you are about to read is going to be shocking!!!!  
I just want you to know that I had nothing to do with it.
I was just an innocent and cute bystander.

This is proof of a mini mule (and donkey) breakout.  

I found these cute little tracks all the way down the road toward one of my "special" places.

Otis did it!!!
He opened the gate and made us follow him.
You know that I would never leave. 
Not even for one of those really good donkey biscuits.  
Do you have one of those....biscuits?

You know that you did it Otis.
Admit it! 

I get no respect around here.
Just because I was smart enough to open the gate and take the others on an 
adventure.....I am now in trouble. least I brought them back home. 
Safe and sound in the front yard.
I have not quite figured out how to open the gate from the yard side to let myself back in
without being noticed.
When I do.....ha ha ha....I am out of here. respect.

Some interesting tree roots.

The snow is almost gone!
It has been so warm for the past week.
We are all enjoying this little break in the cold weather.
I only hope that my plants to not start coming out.

Scatter has taken up residence in my faux bois planter.
She has a scratch on her face from a recent encounter with.....RATZILLA.
This particular rat (which was the size of a small dog) has been making huge tunnels
under the horse's rubber stall mats.  
Excavating like a little bulldozer.
Driving us crazy and destroying everything in sight.
It even laughed at us when we put traps out.
It took one of the traps and chewed it up and spit it out. 
We even tried sticky traps and a live trap.
The only thing we caught in the live trap was Scatter (she was NOT happy).
He became so brave that he scoffed at us when we spoke of firearms.
This rat was a legend in the world of rats.
Notice I said WAS. 
Thank you Scatter for your hunting ability and bravery. 

Bumble had a really bad day this week.
First she had a bath...Only she liked that, so it was the single highlight of her day.

After her bath and plenty of resting and sunning...we went on our usual evening walk.
All was well until we reached an obstacle in the trail.
Bumble is usually a very graceful and alert kind of girl.  

The obstacle in the trail was a limb that had fallen from the wonderful high wind we had last week.
Zippy easily jumped over it and being the picture taker that I am, I got on the other side
of the limb to wait on Bumble.

The poor little thing jumped a little too soon and.....face planted right there in front of me. 
She was very upset and embarrassed.  

It took her days to recover from the ridicule.

She even gave up jumping.

Opting for the safer walk around method.

Ha ha ha...
(in case you are wondering...this is a snow flattened and preserved giant pumpkin from last year)

Zippy tried to entertain Bumble to cheer her up.
Poor Bumble however did not even smile.
She really showed no interest in being cheerful.

She had just lost some of her brilliance and vigor.

She did not even chase Scatter.

Interesting tree within a tree.

This tree was tangled into a knot.
Natures artwork.

Kind of dangerous in the woods these days.

This large beauty was leaning against another tree.
Barely hanging on.

You can see the base of it here.  
Looks like it was hollow and just twisted off from the wind.

Another really interesting hollow stump.

Loved this giant.

This tree had a weird growth sticking out of the side.

Oh wait......that's Zippy.

Ha ha ha.

I crack myself up sometimes. 

Scatter trying to help Bumble recover.

Gus wishing his old pal felt better.

Bumble still upset and sad.
Base of the giant tree above.

Tree bark from a beautiful and very large locust tree.

Bumble still sad. 

Huge burl.

I would estimate it to be about 30" wide.
I will have to measure it sometime.

Could it be???

Is Bumble cheering up???

She is looking a little better.

Zippy snapped him up after Scatter took care of the problem.

He took off with that stinky thing and I am actually running beside him trying to get him to 
let go.  

He did eventually drop it. 

Another giant.
Excuse the shadow of my large head.

Wild grape vine.
It looks like Bumble is really feeling better!!!

Oh no!!! 
Here it is....the limb that cause all of the heart ache and embarrassment.

Will she even try???
Can she make it across???

Her muscles are tense and she is checking it out....

As graceful as a gazelle!!!!

She made it!!!!
All is well with the world.


  1. Oh Jill, please link this up with FF Friday--it’s perfect and so good. I would love to share it.

  2. Jill...isn't it nice to have a break in the weather? Poor Bumble! Glad she recovered.

    Happy to know the donkeys are safe and sound.

  3. Oh Ms M no worries we know Otis open the gate. BOL. Oh Bumble you poor baby, it's all that muscle that prevented you from getting some air. we always enjoy yor pictures.
    Benny & Lily
    Pee S. We want a donkey but momma said a condo is not a place for a donkey. Whatever

  4. Jill, I just want to know if you accidentally laughed when Bumble missed her first attempt at jumping the limb? Oh the shame ... poor little short-legged thing.
    Yes, Mules can be too smart for their own good. My mule Polly has gone on similar adventures. Even though she weighs over 1200 pounds she's always a bit relieved when I catch her up and bring her back home ... still proud and pleased with herself!!!

  5. So much fun. Those mini mule/donkeys are adorable! I'm so glad Bumble got her self-esteem back!


  6. what a cute post! bad little donkeys but so good to return. loved it~ and that rat, ugghh. i found one in a small area in the barn when we were cleaning it out and instead of running away, it barely trotted away and certainly not frightened! i call that area the rat room. it was huge and we have a river close by. didn't have kitties then, my dear choo choo just has passed a few months before. glad bumble finally made it over. silly dog!

  7. Your photos are adorable! ADORABLE! I especially loved the story about poor Bumble. Glad to see he's feeling more like himself!
    Love your blog!

  8. A friend of mine has a blog that reminds me of yours... beautiful photos, lots of the outdoors, and a wonderful dog (in your case at least three!). If you're interested, you should check her out. And no, she's not paying me!!!!

  9. I love that photo of Zippy jumping into the air and trees are somehow more interesting in the winter, especially in contrast to the bright blue sky. I'm glad Bumble got his groove back.

  10. What a great post! Chock full of interesting stories and great photographs. I'm a lover of gnarled trees myself and I really enjoyed looking at yours.