Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Bumble aka Leon and pond fun.

 Bumble had some exciting news recently.

Bumble aka Leon is going to be in a series of ebooks! 
You can purchase the ebooks here.
You can also go to the Evelyn David website to learn 
about other books in the Brianna Sullivan Mystery series.  
Don't worry though, Bumble is not letting her newfound fame
go to her head.  
I will post another link when the Exorcisms in Lottawatah book is available.  

Well...I was a day (or two) late and a donkey short!
is it a day late and a short donkey?   

It is not a short donkey it is....
A day late and a DOLLAR short!

Sorry May.  

Anyway....we missed Farm Friend Friday at Verde Farm.  
We will try to make it this week. 

On a recent woods walking adventure we spotted this interesting tree.
It looks like a scroll.  

Hi folks...Bumble the star here.  
That is my Grammy's house in the background. 
Wonder if she could toss me a biscuit. 
I am famished. 
Maybe she will make me something special since I am.....
you know.....
a star.  

Man, I have a long tongue! 

Oracle showing off his new brown mud coat.  
Now if my friend Butch is reading this......I want him to know that this 
is why I dislike it when it gets warm in the winter.
Brushing muddy horses is not my favorite thing to do.  

The recent change in weather here has been nice.
It has been exceptionally clear and beautiful. 

You can see for miles and miles. 

Even Zippy took time out from deer watching to 
enjoy the view. 


I thought that this was an interesting sky.
Pink and blue with a little orange and violet thrown in. 

Hi Bumble....

I know you are not going to get dirty.
After all...you JUST had a bath. 

Don't bug me lady......I am NOT going to get dirty.
I mean really!  ME????   Get dirty???
Stars do not get dirty. 

The old grey barn..

On our hike the other day...we saw this beautiful red-tailed hawk.

It flew right in front of me and I was too stunned to get a picture of it.
That is until it was well into the air. 

While I was watching the hawk, my two walking partners decided to take advantage of the fact 
that I was not paying attention to them.

They took a little dip in one of the ponds that we happened to be passing by.

Bumble is trying to look innocent here.

Kind of hard to hide all of the mud on those chubby little legs.

When will I ever learn.....

Beautiful moss covered rock in the woods. 

This is us before we went swimming.
Look at how beautiful and sparkling clean we were.

Right after it stopped raining the other day we took a quick spin around the neighborhood. 
The warm sun and the mist coming off of the top of the mountain. 

Spring is right around the corner!

Soaking in the sunset.

It is so hard being a star.
I just can not get over myself.
Where ARE those bones I asked for???

Wait.....is that a pawparazzi?  

My photos are a little chopped off this post.
For some reason they were becoming distorted and I had to post them this way to keep that 
distortion from happening.  That is why the right side of the photo is chopped off.  


  1. What a beautiful day you enjoyed with the kids! Jill, I think they were doing the undercover thing to trick the paparazzi...hence the dirt!...:)JP

  2. A BIG celebrity in our midst! Hope that it doesn't go to her head ... it's already a big head, isn't it? Can't wait to see her in living-Kindle-print! Yea Bumble!

  3. Holy crap Bumble now we heard everything!! When can we have your pawtograph? I wish mom wouldn't leave you all dirty and famished in the yard now that you are a Big star. We do love Donkey too. Maybe she could be in Shrek
    Benny & Lily

  4. OUtstanding photos! Loved the one toward the end of Bumble and Zippy before they went swimming. A star huh!!! How did she get that gig? Way to go!

  5. We always knew Bumble would make Boone proud!
    We'll have to throw her a neighborhood party!!!

  6. Congrats to Bumble! I'm wondering how Zippy is taking Bumble's stardom?

    I enjoyed the walk in the woods, mud and all.

  7. What beautiful scenery, Jill! And Zippy and Bumble look adorable. The donkey too. Thanks for sharing.