Friday, March 4, 2011

Farm Friend Friday and a lot of growing

Gus the big black Labrador.
He has this spot on his tongue that keeps getting larger.  
It was just a speck about a year ago. 
I had him at the vet's office for his shots and a lady asked me about the spot on his tongue.
I said what spot? 
After she gave me a strange look for not knowing about the spot, she said...
that spot and pointed to his tongue.  
I was a bit embarrassed about not knowing he had a spot, but at the time it was only the size of a 
delphinium seed.
Now it is more like a lima bean. 
The vet did not seem to concerned about it, but we are keeping an eye on it.  
Not raised or anything just black.

Eco after rolling in the mud. 
He is daring me to catch and brush him.  
Just so he can roll in the mud again. 

Come back here!
I just want to clean that mud off of you.

Why do I even try?

I should know the name of this plant, but....I do not.
Flowerweaver, if you read this.....I know that you will have the answer.

Bumble was surprised by a little deer running through the woods.
Kind of hard to see the deer in these small pictures.
I thought Bumble was going to jump out of her skin.  
I just pointed and snapped the shot and actually got the deer and Bumble.

After the near heart attack deer event, I found this beautiful white fungal growth.
It felt kind of like a fine sandpaper.

It had all of these little bumps on the top.
Oh wait.....One of the bumps is panting.
Well....I guess she is a fun-gal.  Ha ha ha..

Really neat tree growing in the rock.

Watch out for that stick!

Note to self....
watch where you run in the woods.
It is all fun and games until someone loses an eye. 
Remember is very important.

It is so hard being this beautiful.

I mean....just look at me!
The chubby cheeks, the perky tail.
I have to work hard to keep up this body too.  
It is really a full time job. 

I bet Zippy wishes that he was as beautiful as I am.

I am also much smarter than Zippy.

Oh yeah!  At least I can jump over a log.
I can go over this way.....

I can go over the opposite way...
and look Bumble! 
I can even jump without falling down!  

Maybe you should try it!

I need a drink!
Bull Terriers....they think they know everything!
Show off!

I am still much cuter and more photogenic.

Do you have any dental floss?
I think that I may have something in my teeth.  

I can jump!

Okay.....I am getting up some speed to make it over the log.


I made it!

Way to go Bumble!

(I am not going to tell her that the stick is only an inch off of the ground)

Buds forming on the Maple trees.


I am not getting enough air time here!  

At least that is what my public is saying.  

Sorry May!

You guys are pretty cute!

Otis is the mini mule in the middle.
He is a sweet little guy.

His 1/2 brother Ollie is a different story.  
A pain to catch and not very keen on being scratched, brushed or handled in any way.

Silly guy.  

Otis on the other hand, loves to be petted.
You may ask why I am posting a photo of the south side of Otis.
People who have mules will probably agree that this is the area that mules 
like to have scratched the most.
As a matter of fact; Otis almost sat down on me one day trying to get me to scratch him here.  
They are quite demanding about it.
Check out how long his hair is.  

My garlic is already popping through the ground.

A bit early.

Also coming up early.
I am very worried about this.
I know we will have more cold weather. 
Rhubarb can handle it though.  All will be well. 
Love the color of it.

Another thing that I love about snow is that it keeps 
my plants safe and insulated from all of the really cold temps and the wind.
Often in the spring after the snow melts, you will find some plants still green. 
My snapdragons made it through last winter thanks to the snow cover.
Bright orange Poppy.

I KNOW that this lilac is never going to make it through a full bloom. 
Way to early for it.
I used to try and cover them, but that is hard to do when the wind is blowing 40+ mph.

I do not worry about it too much now.  

Last year was the first time (in the five years that I have had this lilac) that it made it through a 
full bloom without getting nipped.  

It was beautiful!

I see you in my pond!

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  1. Such a nice post Jill. I can tell that your Spring is in the air with all the plants trying to sneak a peek at some sunshine. AND Bumble is such a kick. What a beauty ... in her own right!
    My mule loves to have her ears rubbed, but I knew a mule that would put her butt in your face just to get a good scratching. AAWW, the pleasure of finding just the right itchy spot will send them to la la land.

  2. Jill, it's not Bumble's shape, nor the cheeks...I think it's the face and that tongue! And Echo...I think is in to exfoliation!...:)JP

  3. Those donkeys are just adorable. Amazing shot of dog and deer.


  4. Great critter shots! I believe that your mystery plant is rattlesnake plaintain.

  5. Hello I really enjoyed sharing the walk through the bush with you and your four legged friends. Thank you. B

  6. Oh Jill, another wonderful post!!! That Bumble always makes me smile. Your mini mules-donkeys? are adorable--They are so pretty and their hair is so long and gorgeous. Looks like some great things popping out of the ground. Spring will be here soon--we hope :) LOL
    Thanks for joining Farm Friend Friday!!