Friday, March 11, 2011

THE Book cover and staying in shape.

Hello everyone!
Bumble a.k.a. Leon here.
I have news again.
I wanted to show you my official ebook cover.
Just look at how beautiful I am. 
I like to keep my public happy.  
It really takes a lot of work to keep this body in shape
 (one of my friends told me that round is a shape) and in the post
below you will be able to see some of my workout secrets. 

Just look at me!
You can click on the photo to learn more about this fabulous book and other
Evelyn David books.

On a recent hike in the woods, we saw this interesting tree. 
It was overturned and the roots were incredible.

We hiked down to the stream because sometimes I like to do water aerobics.
It really is a great workout.

However today I just sat down and enjoyed the beauty of this
rushing mountain stream.

Just look at how pretty this stream is.
Lots of great swimming and fishing around here.

Great.....My workout instructor is yelling at me...
Okay!  Okay!  
Man, he gets bent out of shape when I don't listen.
I mean it is not like he is Gilad Janklowicz.
Not nearly as nice looking anyway....

Silly Bulldog!
At this rate she will never get in shape.
I have tried so hard to help her. 
I give up!

One of the most interesting roots that I have ever seen.

This reminds me of an octopus.

However it does not smell like one.

I am dreaming of my next workout. 
I am pretty sure that you can burn calories this way.

How I love your wild weather changes.

Life is always interesting.

You never know what to wear when you start the day.

I just wear the same coat.
It really does not bother me. 

Beautiful moss.

Loving the lichen.

Looks like some frogs have been busy.

This working out business is so exhausting.
But folks, just remember that you have to work hard to keep up this level 
of fitness. 
Thank you Vicki Lane for identifying the rattlesnake plantain in our last post! 

Click on the Farm Friend Friday picture to visit Verde Farm and explore more beautiful places.


  1. I'm glad Bumble didn't do water aerobics and decided to sit down instead. Would have gone right to the bottom!!!...:)JP

  2. Oh Bumble don't forget to take your shoes off in the house. By the looks of that cover it will be a best seller!!
    Benny & Lily

  3. Bumble, I'm sure that it's all in fun, but I think someone is teasing you by placing those BIG shoes on your petite little feet! How do you stand all that attention?

  4. p.s.
    I just ordered your debut book on kindle!

  5. Beautiful pictures! I must say the one with the shoes on cracked me up!

  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I absolutely LOVE the dog! :)

  7. I am still laughing at your sense of humor! Love the book cover and the TITLE! Bumble is going to be hard to live with after all this fame. I was really surprised to see that she left her shoes on while she was sleeping.... oh well.

  8. Now that's what I call a GREAT book cover!!!!

    Yay Bumble-Leon - you are a star!!!

  9. Wonderful pictures! That Bumble is such a star!

  10. I love the book cover! And I am always up for photos of water - streams, rivers, ponds - it doesn't matter. Looks like you are into noticing all the woodsy growth. I love to do that too. It's all so amazing.