Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow, snow and more snow...Plus a sledding adventure.

We have had several snow storms since my last post.  

At least the temperatures have not been so bad.

Speak for yourself sister.  

Sorry Otis.  

This is a camera bag that my husband made for me. 

It has deer antler buttons and antique glass beads.

The wind was really a pain with this last storm.  

The temperatures were in the single digits by the time the snow was over.

The wind made the snow almost look like sand on a beach. 

At least that is what I imagined as I was wading through and my feet were freezing. 

I thought maybe it would make my toes warm up to think of a warm place.

Guess what.....
It didn't work. 

Snake Mountain.  
There is a road to the right of this shot going through the pass between Snake and Elk Knob. 
This is part of the route that the Blood Sweat and Gears bike race takes. 

The beautiful clouds in this picture are the first signs of a wonderful new snow storm rolling in. 

While making dinner this past weekend at a neighbor's house 

We decided that it would be a thrill to sled down their driveway using a head lamp for light.

This is a VERY steep drive with hairpin turns.
Really....how smart is that?
At least the sled has brakes and a steering wheel. 

So just to be safe, we made Brian go first.

I do not know if you can see the tiny tiny dot in the middle of this photo.  
That is my neighbor coming down the hill.  
He has just made a sharp turn and is getting ready to have to make another. 

Here he is sliding around the last hairpin turn......
Just look at the snow flying behind the sled!  
Warp speed.  
Yes....I did this too.  Only not as fast.  It was fun and no one got hurt!  

Ollie with frosted ears.


This morning we had the most wonderful rime ice.

I love the way this makes the trees look and wanted to get a few shots before it melted.

I threw my coat on and took off to get a few shots.
I took Zippy and left Bumble behind because she hurt her little pork chop leg and has been limping around.  

Once I reached my destination.....I heard what sounded like a freight train.
I turned around and you guessed it......Bumble was rambling up the trail.  
She snuck out the dog door and crawled under the fence.

The temperature was starting to warm up and the rime ice was starting to fall.  

I was not paying attention to where Zippy was and to be honest he knows this place well and I did not think that I needed to worry.

Besides....I was amazed and dazed by the beauty of the ice.

The ice had been much thicker when I started and was falling from the trees at record speed.

I kept thinking just one more shot.

Then another...

Then....I looked up and saw this!

Zippy carrying a deer leg and Bumble trying to steal it.

Not good!!!

You see Zippy has a bit of a problem when it comes to sharing and well...so does Bumble.
The never ever have toys or something as precious as a bone together.  

I started scrambling to put my camera away and grab my gloves that I had ditched.

When I heard a horrible horrible fight.  

A beautiful morning turned into breaking up a dog fight and limping home.


Luckily both dogs are fine with only a couple of injuries.   My leg being one of them.  A misplaced bite that did not puncture my skin, but gave me a nice bruise.  
I guess it could have been much worse.  

Otis watching us limp home.

This is a little illustration of May.

I call it "The grass is NOT always greener on the other side of the fence".   


  1. What an adventure-filled post. Wonderful, beautiful, cold, and windy all rolled into one! We have had similar weather here in Colorado, but maybe not quite the same amount of snow as you. Temperature today reached a high of 29. That's much, much better than this morning when it pegged out at -10, with no wind ... The does make it so much harder to keep warm.
    btw ... your animals all look very fluffy or at least well-coated and more than ready for the cold weather.

  2. You have so much more snow than we do! Excellent photographs... sorry you and the pups came away with injuries. Love the painting. Don't I wish it was spring!

  3. ouch! i have endured a misplaced bite or two from a bulldog before as well... love the pics!

  4. your pics are really good! bad dogs, hope they were not the ones that killed the poor deer. the tree with the evil thorns, we have those, too. not sure what the name is. cute donkey drawing you are very talented! stay warm!

  5. Great photos as usual. You got one talented husband lady. Ottis and Ollie are you freezing? You don't look it. Hope Bumble is not underneath all the white stuff
    Benny & Lily
    Pee S. Love the illustration

  6. I think I say this every time I visit your blog, but you live in the most beautiful place! Love your ice pictures.
    Bad Bullies! I hear ya. Miss Weezer doesn't really like other doggies near her food or water, so she's gotten into quite a few scuffles too. Glad they are both ok!

  7. All that beautiful snow! It's almost hard to imagine from here in West Africa. Warm greetings!

  8. okay - I'm coveting the camera bag . . .

  9. What a beautiful post. I bet that sledding was so much fun. I love it when adults let the child inside come out. I can see you all up there laughing like little kids. So fun. You painting of May-beautiful.

  10. Wonderful pictures -- especially the horses running in the snow.

  11. Great photographs of the snowy action. I love seeing snow scenes if they are taken somewhere else. We've had enough already.

  12. The rime ice shots are lovely, as is the capture of Z + B with the deer leg. Too bad it was the preamble to a fight! Sorry to hear of your injury, I took an eyetooth through my arm breaking up a sharing problem here years ago, so I can empathize.