Friday, April 1, 2011

Birthday week.

The weather has been a bit dreary for the past few days.

This is the day before my birthday.

The Wizard Tree looking wizardly.

He has a couple of spikes on his head.

I almost lost Zippy on our walk.  

More trees in the mist.

Otis and May

When I trimmed Otis' mane, I left a little topknot. 
Makes him look a little more distinguished and sophisticated.

Still a day before my birthday.........

Happy Birthday to me!!!

A little snow to brighten the day.  

A dove enjoying the garden gate.

Not only did it snow on my birthday, but the sun also made a brief appearance.

A very brief appearance.

Spotted this little beauty on my afternoon walk.  
Day after my birthday.

Hello everyone.....Watch this!!!

Forget about all of that birthday nonsense....
Blah blah blah....

I am much more important...and well.....I am adorable.

I have this jump covered.

No more accidents.

No more falling on my head.  

Now.....if only "someone" could just get the camera focused. big moment and she can't even focus the camera.
It's not like I am asking for a lot here.

It is like I am living in a dreamland.  
What is the world coming to? 

False Hellebores.
Found in moist woodlands and poisonous.
Do not eat.  

Oh man...I am beat. 
I better sit here and rest for awhile. 

This working out thing is hard on a bulldog.
Being a star is tough.
Some people think that a body just looks this way naturally....
that is not true though.
I have to work very hard to keep up this physique.

Look at my waist...
and my muscles.
Sometimes it is really hard being me...

Okay....back to Jill....This is Jill's life you know.

I left my camera at my folks place and when I went to pick it up this 
picture was on it.
Thanks Fred!

Guess what!
It snowed again. 

These jonquils have been through a rough spring.
First the hail storm and now this.  

Dear Mr. Owl....

How many more snow storms will we have?

He's not talking....
I don't think that is a good sign...or is it?

Snow is much better than a dreary soaking cold rain.
You can walk around in it and not get soaked.
It is pretty and bright.
It protects all of the plants that are coming up too early.
The large flakes are beautiful to watch falling from the sky.

The hyacinths are covered and protected from the cold.

The mules do not seem to mind this little burst of snow.
May, the mini donkey, does seem to mind.
She is looking for cover in the trees.

My beautiful Elder Jones sculpture. 
Elder is a wonderful and very creative concrete artist.
Click on his name to view his website. 

Hey Bumble!
Yes, Zippy.

I wonder if it will ever warm up?

Yes Zippy!
I promise next week will be warmer.  
I heard that we may be looking for morals
.....I mean morels. 

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  1. Happy Birthday Jill! Our weather seems to be quite the that wizard tree and the sculptures of Zippy and Bumble. We both have so many interesting things around our farms! It's a shame the snow has to come down on those beautiful blossoms!

  2. Happy Birthday! Love your pictures and I especially love Otis and May.

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Jill! And a very beautiful day to have a Birthday, but does that make you the April Fool??? Okay, so maybe you've heard that before, but I had to say it.

    Side note: I helped as a volunteer at a low-cost spay/neuter clinic today and there was one dog that out slept and snored very loudly after her surgery. Her name way Big Mama and she was .... an English Bull Dog. Very, very cute .... not white like Bumble, but very cute. She only really began to perk up when she heard her owner's voice when he came to pick her up.

  4. Happy birthday Jill, a little late...
    I so enjoy your posts with all the pictures.
    I don't usually comment but I stop by and appreciate it a lot.
    In Quebec too, it snowed again yesterday but the flowers are not out ( too early).

  5. Hard to believe we're still seeing snow. Hope your birthday was wonderful!


  6. Happy belated birthday! It has been difficult weather-wise in 2011. It's raining out right now. I can't wait for some seriously sunny, warmish weather!

  7. Happy Birthday! I just love your pictures, it's quite beautiful there!

  8. belated birthday greetings....
    my constance needs to put a little more weight on compared to yours!!
    lovely pics

  9. Happy belated birthday! So, did the snow harm your blooms? Ours are okay, so far, but you probably get a lot colder that we do.

  10. Thanks for the birthday wishes! Happy to report that the flowers made it through the snow and cold. We actually had snow again yesterday! I don't know why I was surprised by that....I keep forgetting it is still april.

    MJ- you crack me up! those snoring bullies.

    John- Bumble will be happy to give Constance some weight gaining advice. Hehe..

    Vicki- It was in the upper 20s the other day and I am surprised that the flowers bounced back. I guess the ground was warm enough and the snow helped insulate them.

    Thanks for the comments!