Saturday, April 16, 2011

Bunny ear fun and of course....mud!

I thought you had a cookie.
This is really embarrassing!

Scatter did not want to try on the rabbit ears.

I don't know why I do this....but...well
the animals aggravate me sometimes...why not have a little fun with them? is harmless.

It is a little known fact that rabbits like to chew on sticks.

Be vewy vewey quiet....

we are going wabbit hunting.

Man, I really hate these ears....
are you finished taking pictures yet???

Okay! Okay!
I will sniff the flower.


Yes....I am finished....
at least for today....He he he..

Love is in the pond.
This is alarm clock toad.
When the little spring peepers are peeping away...
This guy chimes in with an alarming sound.  

It really makes me wonder why I put the pond so close to the bedroom window. 

He keeps us up too.  

Opening day....or evening at the Twin Maples golf club.

It is a good thing that we had some glow in the dark balls.

Thanks Connor!

The owner of Twin Maples had three holes in one.

I had none.

Bumble chased this poor fellow up into this tree the other day.

She was very proud and it took me a long time to convince her that she 
did not need to wait there all day.  

After treeing her wild game....Bumble decided to splash around in the stream below. 

This looks as if it may have ended in a bad way...but

no bulldogs were injured in the making of this story.

After splashing around in the stream we visited the fish in our neighbor's pond.

The mini mules "playing"  

This is serious business.

Pretty intense stuff.

Sweet little May does not join in.  

She is much too sophisticated to play in this fashion. 

Otis the victorious.

He thinks that he won the game.

My newest painting.  

I get a lot of questions about the dogs.

One of the questions being....What is the difference between a Bull Terrier and a Bulldog.

The answer....Bull  Terriers dig standing up and Bulldogs dig lying down...really.  
They burrow around like little grubs.

Another difference is the cleanliness factor.

Sorry Bumble...but you know it is true.  

I am mad...

Leave me alone.

Awww.... Really Bumble...I did not mean anything bad. 

You look fine! one will notice that dirt mustache.  

Things are really getting green around here.

A clean face (Zippy in the background)  and a dirty face.

Side by side comparison.

See...It is true.  

Link to Verde Farm's Farm Friend Friday and Farm Girl Friday.  Even though this is a Saturday post. 


  1. Love it! Bumble sniffing the flower is priceless. Umm...Bumble, you have bunny ears on your head
    Benny & Lily

  2. Good thing you have a homemade Easter Bunny that lives with you!...:)JP

  3. Amazing series of photographs. Great post.

  4. hahha, you are like me with those silly ears. i put antlers on everything that moves at your crow painting. you are sooo good!! thanks for commenting on my giveaway! i love reading all the guesses!

  5. I'm happy to see that someone is painting! I sure am not doing anything! It's another beauty! Love the shots of the dogs too...especially Bumble sniffing the flower.
    Nice to see green, isn't it?

  6. Love the pictures! That toad is great, and I love your explanation on how the dogs are different. :-)


  7. Thanks for reminding us that our new garden pond should NOT be near the house! That said, those were some pictures! Love the bunny ears and comments.

  8. They all look great with the bunny ears! Especially the picture of the dog sniffing the flower, very cute indeed!...Daniel

  9. Great painting! The photo of the dogs at the neighbor's fish pond is nicely composed. Looks like Spring has arrived in your world.

  10. Don't tell Bumble I said so, but he totally rocked those bunny ears.

  11. How fun Jill. Everyone, well almost everyone, looked like they were having fun. That first photo is priceless. You've given me a lot to smile about this morning.

    Your alarm clock toad reminded me of cisterns in the islands. When it rained a lot, frogs would sing in the cistern water. Supposedly they kept the water clean. We never had any frogs in our cistern, but we've stayed in homes in the southern Bahamas that did. Man, were they loud sometimes.

  12. Such precious pics! Love the bunny ears.

  13. Awww.... Miss Bumble wears her bunny ears so well. But the mud? Different story. *grin*
    Beautiful pictures!

  14. Thanks for this cute post... Your painting is lovely!

  15. hahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahah

    can't stop laughing about the one pic with your cutiepie and the bunny ears sniffing the flower!



  16. What excellent photos! Love the scene at the top, you must live in a beautiful area.

  17. The painting is really outstanding! And the bunny ears make for some fun photos!