Monday, June 13, 2011

Predicting the weather and Gator rides.

I am late in posting this week!
Lots going on in the outside world.  
Trying desperately to get all of my garden in place and 
planting all of the flowers that I started from seed (what was I thinking???). 
I think that I got a little carried away when I started all of the plants.
My vegetable garden is very small and I have had to come up with creative
ways to make room for all of the plants.

When I uploaded the photos for todays post I saw that...
most of the pictures are of....
Go figure....

Here the little princess is grazing with her friend May.

Here she is surprised by the fact that May actually dared to touch her tail.

Hi Folks...
Bumble here. 
I have been predicting weather lately.  I go by the scientific data collected by the
use of my tongueometer.  

Here is an example.
Todays weather will be partly cloudy with a chance of scattered
gas....ummm....I mean thunderstorms.  

Chance of scattered gas...
Ha ha ha...
That's funny...right Zippy???

Um...Bumble....I think that you should have said 100% chance.

Congratulations to all of the high school graduates!
My niece and nephew both graduated this year!
I am very proud of both of you!

Bumble got a new groovy collar.
She also loves to hang her tongue over the edge of the deck. 
She can gather data for her weather forecasts.

It has been quite warm for Bumble lately.
All she wants to do is hang out on the deck and rest.

No air conditioning here! has only been in the upper 70s to low 80s, but without air conditioning....
Bumble is one lazy girl.  

Zippy is lost without his playmate.  

Wake up Bumble!

It has been very dry here lately.
Not good when you just put seeds in the ground.
Luckily though we have had a couple of small thunderstorms.
We were also very lucky to see this beautiful rainbow.  

It is kind of weak, but there are two bands to this rainbow.  

Beautiful sunset.

Here she is gathering weather data....with her tongueometer.

Looks like another scorcher today folks.

She kind of looks like her friends, Lily and Benny.

They are French Bulldogs and very cute.

Loved this little humming bird!

He put on a show.

I think this was his girl.

My dogwood in the back yard has really been putting on a show!  

I absolutely love this tree.  

Hey Zippy!

Do you want to go to Grammy's and check her flowers????

Of course!!!!

Let's go!!!

Hurry up!
What is taking you so long??

I had to turn around and check to see if you were coming.

Ha ha ha ha....I get to ride in the Gator...
Zippy has to run.....Ha ha ha...

Maybe you can run Bumble!

Who Me????
You must be crazy!
I am a princess that should be driven around.

Oh come on Bumble...It is only 200 feet away...I think you can do it.


See ya!
Man she is slow.

Okay......I finally made it!

That was rough!

Look Zippy!
I am mowing.

It can be my new summer job. 
You get to running involved.
Sounds like it is right up my alley. really are a pampered princess. are watered and we are ready to go home! hope that I do not have to put forth too much effort to get home.

Seriously....I already ran for.....a mile....or what seemed like a mile. 

Here we go!!!

Ha ha ....Zippy looks like a rabbit.

Just look at him go!

Ta da!

I got to ride!  

I am so happy!!!

Home Sweet Home!

I am worn out and it feels good!


  1. I have had my Bumble, Zippy, Jill fix. Thanks for catching us up! Beautiful photos as usual.

    Our vegetable gardens are doing well, but our flower gardens (way too many) need help. We could have a full time gardener here...if we only had the bucks!

  2. How can you not want to take pictures of that Bumble? AND she is very good at holding still for the camera...nope, no fast-shutter action on her part! Guess she can blame it on the heat.
    Very nice post, and I'm still smiling.

  3. Bumble, apparently mom's don't know any good positions to rest in like we do, just sayin. Zippy by the looks of Bumble you better take her pulse, BOL.
    Cool collar
    Benny & Lily

  4. Poor Bumble... look at that tongue hanging out. All this mowing and watering and keeping track of the weather~ she is quite a multi-tasker! *grin*
    Love the hummingbird photo... I'm always so happy to even get a glimpse of them, let alone take a picture!

  5. Oh it's my lucky day. I could never get enough pictures of Bumble - such a cute dog! :-) Love the hummingbird pic - what a capture!

  6. I do think Bumble is as good at predicting the weather as our meteorologists. Nice series of photographs. We've had a bit of cool front with rain. Hope it makes it to your neck of the woods.

  7. Hahahahahahaha tonguemeter!?! hahaha
    definatly some gass... thunderstorm... coming tonight!

    oh and yes i still like to (baby)dogsit Bumble for a week or two.... haha


  8. Great pictures -- Bumble is irresistible. Wonderful hummingbird shot!