Saturday, June 4, 2011

Memorial weekend, birdbaths and Bumble.

Beautiful Elk Knob State Park with a cloudy peak.

We have cut our woods walks a little short because...
Bumble is a little short and gets lost in the 

Memorial weekend started with a most wonderful and fun ride on Eco.
He was my transport to feed one neighbor's cat and 
to water another neighbor's greenhouse.  
I figured if I could not go on vacation because of the fact that 
the horses need to be cared for then I can at least have fun on one.  

Besides who needs a vacation when you have this......

Not too bad really.
I did not even have to spend money on gas!
I cherish every moment of my time here.
You never know when that may change.

Hey....someone let me in!!!
I promise that I will not eat the asparagus.  

I have been very very busy planting my garden and 
planting giant pumpkins!!!

We had some visitors over the weekend!
Sweet little cowgirls.

Oh.....and one cowboy!  

Larry the Magnificent's son and grandchildren.

I like to rest on holiday weekends.

I especially like to rest my head on the headrest of this chair.


A wonderful dinner at the folks house!

Finished birdbaths.
The larger one is at Glen-Scott Gallery in Blowing Rock
the smaller one is at The Wren's Nest in Valle Crucis.  

Another view.
Working on two fountains now.
Pictures in about a week.

Video of Bumble after a bath.  

Have a great week folks! 


  1. Wonderful views of the mountains. Your mountains are much clearer than ours. For the past week there has been such a haze the mountains blend into the sky.

  2. Oh Bumble you never fail to crack us up. Go over to Urban Bulldog and send them your picture to post. Can't momma get you a pad for your cool chair? Forget it, we have enough padding
    Benny & Lily

  3. What beautiful views! I wish you lived closer. I've been searching high and low for a bird bath. Although my biggest concern is that Latte will put her paws on the top and pull it over and break it. Some seem so tippy. The ones you made are gorgeous. I can't wait to see the fountain.