Friday, May 27, 2011

Neighborhood party,flat tires, flowers and concrete.

One of our neighbors had a most wonderful party.

This is the commute to the party.

It was their anniversary and they hired a wonderful band and had a big tent set up.

Everything was very beautiful and fun.  

One of the best parties that I have ever attended.
Folks playing volleyball and hula hooping.
All of the dancing and the band.  
The food was out of this world good.  Everyone brought a dish.  

This is the band.

They were so good and people danced all night.  
Thanks Jeff and Ingrid!  
You guys know how to throw a great party!

We had a fun adventure while hauling the  hay for our horses the other day.
First we were pulled by a state trooper.
Then while he was weighing our hay load to see if we were overweight for the type of 
tag we had(they carry scales in their cars).....he said....oh, your tire is going flat.  Nice!

Then after getting our wonderful ticket for not having the proper weighted tag....we tried filling
the tire back up and it held air.  Yay.
There was another service station up the road about a mile and we thought that we would try to make
it there and check the air pressure once we arrived.
200 feet before we got there, the tire was flat again.  By the way...the reason we did not try to get 
a new tire was the fact that the ticket took so long that it was already
after 5:00.  It was either try to go or drop the trailer.  

Not good choices.

While we were on the side of the road pondering.  I happened to think that maybe....just maybe that
one of the tires from our horse trailer or LTM's (Larry the Magnificent's) trailers might fit.  
Sooooo.......LTM to the rescue!!!
LTM...I can say YOU ROCK!!!

One of his tires indeed fit.
We love you!

Found this little beauty the other day.
It has been grossly over harvested and I felt privileged to see it.
I did not touch it and only took a picture.
Sad that it has been so over harvested.

On a brighter note..
While playing golf on our neighbor's course I spotted this beauty.
I went a little overboard on pictures so please excuse the number.

Easy to get lost in all of the pattern and color.

A little further out. 

Another beautiful sight on the golf course.

Love the "eyes".  

Bumble helping me work on concrete. 

She really is good with her constructive criticism. 

A sneak peek of one of the birdbaths.
I still have to stain and seal this. 
The dark areas are just where it is wet from rain.  

Will post the finished product next week.  
Hope everyone has a great Memorial Day!  


  1. What a great post! The party does look so inviting. Too bad about the ticket and flat. Hope you have a good weekend.

  2. Wow! Wish I was at that party! Your macro shots of the flower are magnificent...the butterfly too.
    Could you fed x me one of those birdbaths yesterday? Love it! Glad Bumble was able to help.
    So, is your trailer back in working order now...wouldn't ya know it?

  3. Now thats an adventure! Bumble, slow down and stop working so hard. We LOVE the birdbath!!
    Benny & Lily

  4. That is a most beautiful birdbath!

  5. What a great party! And there can't be too many pictures of irises. (Or Bumble.)