Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Warm days and Merle.

Knock knock.....
Let us in!!!!

I have been a little slack about posting because I have been taking advantage of 
the beautiful weather we are having.  
Working on concrete (pictures in the next blog post...I promise)

In between thunder/hail storms that is....

This is what happens when you fall asleep around here. 
I get no respect. 

Beautiful Eastern Newt in the eft stage of life.

It has been very warm here lately.  

You can tell how warm it has been from the tongueometer. 

Eco in the shade.

Bumble watching me in the garden.

My flower beds are starting to really fill in.  

Bumble was in trouble the other day for trying to chase the mini mules.  
She was not too happy about it. 

Here is the little darling having her nails trimmed.

You can tell how much she likes it.  

This is a shot of our driveway.
I love the curves in it.  
It reminds me of a go cart track. 


Fabio...I mean Eco.

Sorry Eco.

This is Merle and Bumble.  
Merle belongs to Marie, LTM's wife.
He is a wonderful sweet dog and besides Bumble, he is the only other dog that Zippy gets along with.
When he hears a loud noise of any sort (thunder or hammering or shooting) he comes to our house.
He also knows how to open doors and when he comes up to the house, he just lets himself in. the middle of the night when the door flies open...we know it is Merle.  
He once opened the door and let Gus in with Zippy and Bumble.  Marie came up to get him and found
them all sitting on the sofa together watching T.V.

We love you Merle!  

That's it for today folks!
Over and out. 


  1. Love Merle! Is Merle an Aussie? Also love the fact that Merle just comes right in!!

    Mamma Heartbeat

  2. Boy Jill! You know how to take a good photograph. All of them are spectacular. Glad to hear you are having some nice weather...the critters seem to be enjoying it.

  3. Oh you guys always make our day. Bumble your beautiful hair! You are a hottie
    Benny & Lily

  4. Yes, do get out and enjoy the weather whenever you can. It's been tough this year. Your garden areas are looking good! And Fabio is to die for.

  5. Well, hello, Merle! Very handsome dude.
    Hope Bumble and Zippy have a cool spot to get in for Memorial Day... they're saying it's going to be a hot one on the Tennessee side of the mountain this weekend!