Sunday, May 15, 2011

Wildflowers, more morels, and a bored bulldog.

While searching for just one more batch of morels...
we have seen many beautiful wildflowers.
This is a Fire Pink.
I do not know why it is called a Fire Pink, because it looks more 
scarlet red to me.  Beautiful flower though. 

And....there it is!
We wanted to try these little beauties stuffed with crabmeat and grilled.
I have to say that this is the best so far of the recipes that I have tried.
Seriously....stuffed with crabmeat, covered in garlic butter and grilled!
How could it be bad?
It was so good...that I completely forgot to take pictures of the actual grilling.  

A very interesting vine.

I am bored with all of this wildflower talk..

My adventures are much more exciting than silly flowers.
Besides...I am a star...


did someone say they saw a star???



This is the flower of the Wild Ginger.

Very interesting flower and also very hard to spot.

The Wild Ginger including the plant.

Here I am.....THE STAR!
I am as beautiful as a flower....
my tongue is very petal-like.  

Loved the color in this shot.

The other day I looked down and noticed how beautiful the inside of 
my tulips were. 

Check this out!
It looks like a kaleidoscope. 

Bumble...."posing" in front of the tulips.

More fungi.

This is the inside of a Mountain Magnolia.

Beautiful trees!

Imagine my delight and surprise when I walked up on this!!!

A gorgeous Lady Slipper.

Just look at that!
These only grow when a certain fungus is present in the soil.
Never move them. 

This is not a wildflower
it is one of my tree peonies. 

This is the other tree peony that I have.

It has 4 blooms getting ready to open.  

More morel hunting scenery.

This fellow had just emerged from it's cocoon.

excuse me!

I did not see you....
just passing through folks sorry to disturb you!

This beautiful flower is modeling the latest in dandelion wear.

Have a great week folks.
Sorry for the late post.  My morel hunting obsession has taken it's toll.


  1. I really do enjoy the walk through your absolutely gorgeous landscape. Of course, the dogs only make it that much better! I thought about going into my small grove of trees to see if we have any morels. The lilacs have not yet bloomed though, so perhaps I should wait.

  2. So many beautiful photos! I don't know which to comment on. The flowers are gorgeous. I love finding objects like the vine to photograph. You live by an awesome woodland! Now if only you'd taken a photo of the meal. I love crab.

  3. Lucsheeeeeous!!!! All of it! Including the star!

  4. I just found out what Morels were! I've been stepping on them and weed whacking them...LOL!!! Yes, I get the "Fire Pinks" here throughout my woods as well!...:)JP

  5. We LOVE your flowers Bumble and yes you are obviously the flower of mom's eye!
    Benny & Lily

  6. bored bulldogs? never?
    THEY live to look bored!!!!

  7. You are right John...even when they look like they are up to nothing they are just planning their next move.

    Maery-If I can find a few more morels, I will get the shot this time. I was overwhelmed by the smell of blue crab, garlic and butter. Too much for me to handle at one time. ha..

    JP!!! I can't believe you weed whacked the morels...that would make me cry. Too funny!

    Thanks Lori, Sandra and Benny and Lily! Bumble is quite the flower.

  8. I absolutely adore lady slippers! They're so rare to discover, so it's such a treat to find one.

    More morels! Now that recipe sounds wonderful!

  9. Mr. and Mrs. Ladybug need to get a motel room! *hehe*
    Awesome pictures- especially the ladyslippers! Those are so neat.
    And yes, Bumble- you will always be a star!

  10. I truly truly think that someday i'm gonna copy and paste one of the pics of Bumble, sent them to walmart photo center and get myself a HUGE POSTER of him for on MY WALL! haha maybe even the whole wall come to think of it!

    can I????

    Thanks for sharing and yes your other pics are lovely too, but he is the king for me everytime

  11. What a great series of photographs. I do so love finding wildflowers in the forest.

  12. Gorgeous mountaintop views! And oh, those morels!

    I heard fire pinks got their name because they are one of the first flowers to bloom after an area has been burned over.

    Wonderful pictures, all of them!