Friday, May 6, 2011

Morels again! Zoo fun and a little Mother's Day wish.

Check this out!!!

The largest on so far.

We have had morels many different ways this past week.  
This was breakfast.  
Morel frittata.

A fun little Bumble and Zippy play session.

We visited the NC zoo in Asheboro this past weekend!

So many wonderful things to look at.  

Very neat misting station.  
Made of rebar.

This elephant is red because he just took a mud bath in the beautiful
NC red clay.

This African eagle was very animated.  

He spread his wings and put on a great show.  
The undersides of his wings were white.  

This was a really interesting exhibit.  

White alligators or Swamp Ghosts.  
They are supposed to be good luck for whomever looks them in the eye. 

This gorilla is going to be a father.  
The zoo announced this week that one of the female gorillas is pregnant.

An African red boar.

Loved the ears on these. you all know...I love faux bois concrete.  
The exhibits have many large examples of faux bois. 
The tree above is a prime one.  

This was in the Chimpanzee enclosure.

I was the only person taking pictures of the landscape and not the cute little baby chimp.  

I did however break down and take a few shots.  
See the baby in the center of the photo.  
He is watching his elder drink something out of a bottle.  
I am not sure if they were supposed to be doing this. 

This most wonderful structure was also in the chimp enclosure.  

I would love having this in my yard!  
Maybe one day when my building and engineering skills improve.  
Oh yeah.....
and I fall into some cash.  

I wonder how long it would take a short middle aged girl to make that?

This is for all of my Florida friends. 

This is a banana blossom.
The little bananas were at the top of the stem.  

Just look at those nails!
Glad we don't have grizzlies around here.  

Just black bears.  They have smaller claws.....
and teeth....
and they are much more cuddly and cute.

We have these around here too.  

A couple of years ago we had a mom and two babies that lived right below our house. 

Another really cool faux bois chair. 
I will be making some like this!  
We had a fabulous time at the zoo.
I would encourage anyone who lives in the area to visit.

Now onto other things......
We have had so many beautiful wildflowers blooming this past week!

This is a pink Trillium.  

While I was on the ground taking pictures of this lovely flower....

Zippy was out doing "other" things.

When I stood up....I saw this coming toward me at full speed.  

I don't know if he was chasing something or if he possibly just face planted. 

All I know is that I was glad Bumble decided to stay home. 

It was a warm day and I imagine I was quite lucky not to have had two 
mud covered dogs.  
At least Zippy's fur does not hold onto dirt the same way Bumble's does. 

Speaking of Bumble....
She has been helping me search for morels.  
Although she is still trying to find morals.
when she gets tired of following me...
she sits and watches me until I get a certain distance away and then and only then 
will she make the effort to follow me. 
I guess she wants to make sure that I am actually going somewhere.
That way she does not have to exert herself too much. 

The only problem is that...
sometimes she loses track of me 
or waits too long to follow or starts daydreaming
and has no clue which way to go.

A very hard to find Showy Orchis.

What a beautiful plant!!!

Bumble sitting next to the Showy Orchis.

You can barely see it right next to the tree trunk.  

Bumble taking it very easy after she abandoned me in the woods.
I had to give up my morel hunt right when I found the first one...because "someone" was missing. 
I became very worried that she would not find her way home and had 
visions of sadness at the loss of my sweet bulldog. 

I walked all the way back home to make sure she was okay....
worried and calling her name the whole way.
Feeling a little panic stricken.

When I got home she was on the deck sleeping!!!
Thanks Bumble!

I really am happy and thankful that she was okay....
I guess that she still has not found those morals.  

This is her pitiful/guilty look.  

This is a photo of my mom.  

Happy Mother's Day!!!!


  1. Beautiful photo of your mom!

    We've heard really good things about the Asheboro zoo. It's about 2 hr. 15 minutes from us. Hopefully we'll get down there at some point.

    I did a frittata w/ my morels too. And pasta. And we fried some. That one is the HUGEST morel ever! It should be in Guiness!

  2. Wonderful photographs. I've been looking and hoping to find morels in our woods. No luck so far. Yours might be the biggest one I've ever seen. I love your wildflowers.

  3. That looks like a zoo where the animals have decent places to live. Zippy! What a character.
    Never saw a morel, but it looks like you have plenty! Great photos, as usual.

  4. No luck here with Morels, either. I am hoping...we use to have many patches.

  5. I am consumed with envy at all your morels! And the showy orchis too.

  6. that second pic is FAR too phalic x

  7. That frittata looks scrumptious. I was surprised and amazed at the video. Bumbles can run! And I'm with you. I would have been taking photos of the faux bois concrete structures as much as the animals.