Sunday, September 4, 2011

A wild life.

Hi folks...
Things around here are...well....just...
This new kid moved in and it is hectic around here.  
I am glad that I am the one that gets to have quiet time.  They think it is 
because I am hard to get along with, but....
it is really because I am just smart.
My mom always said that I was a genius.  

My Chinese noodle beans. 
First time growing these.  I have to say it is a beautiful plant.

I have them growing on this trellis.

Here is a shot of the new kid.
Hi Smudge!

So sweet and soft.  
Full of innocence. 


Stop that!

Poor Gus...he he he..

Come back here Gus.  
I promise that I will be nice.

Look at those little teeth.


What were we thinking???

Even Scatter has been on the run.

Beautiful colors...

So hard to do anything around here.

Smudge has discovered that she really loves sand. 

This is more like it!  

Snoozing away...

Back to being an angel.  

What cute feet.  


Loving this color too!

I have been working on concrete non stop this past week.  

Zippy is quite tired of it.  Here he is sleeping in a trashcan lid full of sand.

One of my new planters in progress.

Smudge tasting a child.

She thought he tasted pretty good. 

More brightness...
Vista gladiola. have a big head.  

This is my newest fireside stool.  
I put Zippy's face on the side.

This little beauty can also be used as a pedestal 

a side table.

My niece with the little darling Smudge.

Who are you calling a little darling???

Another dahlia photo.  
Bishop's Children dahlia.  
Can't beat the color on these.  

I don't know how this happened!  Ha!! have made it through all 35 photos!
Then you find this as your parting shot.  

Opal is still growing, slow but sure.  
Approx.  350 lbs. 

We are very happy this week because my injured friend may get to come home on Tuesday!

Have a great week folks! 


  1. Love the post..Your work/stool is awesome. What can we say about Smudge except we are going to kidnap the little diabla. How are you liking the little monster Zippy?
    Benny & Lily

  2. Nice photographs. I love the little puppy pictures of Smudge. He will soon grow up really fast and hopefully get rid of those sharp little baby teeth.

  3. The faux bois pieces are fabulous! I've been trying to take a course with Donald Tucker for a couple of years. Even though he lives in TX he always teaches out of state. I just discovered he recently taught one in San Antonio, I don't know how I missed it.

    Lovely flowers. I think Smudge was just trying to bring you some flowers...yeah, that's what happened!

  4. Nothing like a new puppy to make life interesting!!

  5. Glad to see that everybody got some camera time .... not an easy task with that new, very hard to not take a picture of, Smudge-Puppy. She's sure growing .... and Zippy was awfully cute all curled up in the trash can lid.

  6. I enjoyed all 35 shots! Your new pieces are productive. Please give my best to your friend...she has been in the hospital for a very long time!

  7. Your work is just awesome!
    You just melt our mom's heart, Smudge. You are too cute!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  8. Smudge is growing fast but Zippy has the right idea, napping in the sand! Love the new creations!...:)JP

  9. Love those pink paddy paws! And curled up Zippy looks like a netsuke.

    I grew those noodle beans one year. Loved the way they looked but didn't think they were very tasty.

  10. OH geeze! Puppy teeth!! Yikes!! Calhoun used to bite my robe and my legs in the morning. I actually cried and tried to hide in the recliner one morning! Little devil! Love the pic of Zippy in the lid... looks like a cat but don't tell him!

    Mamma Heartbeat

  11. "What was I thinking?" I ask myself that quite often with Latte. She is quite an investment in time and $$ trying to keep her safe in the yard, not eating my bed for a snack, and keeping her from ripping my arms out of my sockets. But, hey. she's so dang cute!

  12. Ohhhh those teeth are just sooo cute!
    And little kid tasting sure looks like a good thing!

    I hope you and the rest of the family have a good week!