Monday, September 12, 2011

My mad rush.

The weather here has been unbelievable this week.  

Perfect temperatures and (thanks to tropical storm Lee) crystal clear skies.  

I have been a bit behind on blog posts and comments due to what I like to call...
"my mad rush to winter".  

Just trying to make concrete, get my garden in order, and finish up all of the outdoor projects 
that are not so enjoyable in freezing temps, wind and snow.  

But....we all know that.... 
I do love snow.

Hello little newt. 
Love these bright guys. 

The humming birds have really been busy this week.

Tap...tap... are not giving me enough air time.

I am much cuter than that newt...I mean really...a newt!

Okay..Smudge being...
her devilish self.

Bugging Gus to no end.

the rear end...

She has discovered the big fluffy tail.

Constantly attacking poor Gus.

A real terror. 

you can't be so polite.
I are a Labrador...and 
Labradors...are sweet and kind.

Thanks Gus...
You are the best baby sitter ever!


I just can't get enough of this super cute face.

Smudge has doubled in size this week!  
She and Zippy have been getting to know each other.
So far...
all is well and I am pleased with how calm Zippy is.

I said we would take it slow and I meant it.  

They have had nose to nose and nose to....well..

Just look at that little bulldog stance!  Her ears have just gone back into 
what bulldog folks call rose ears. 


Hello ragweed.  How I have been dreading your presence.
Even though you are extremely make me sneeze.

Smudge "helped" me dig potatoes this week.  

She had a most fabulous time.  

She looks like a little grub here.

Once she figured out the digging part...
She got along really well. 

Remember my worm story...

Just look at those yucky things!!!!!  

I clearly had to wear gloves and boots while digging the potatoes.  

My latest concrete creation.
A stump planter.

Fall is in the air folks!  
Hard to believe.
When did it happen?
Where did summer go??

In some ways it sped past and in others it was slow and hard.
Just a strange twisty road.
This summer has been a wild ride.
And unfortunately not on my horse...which I have ridden very little.
I hate that.
Things will change.

My goodness...
How can anything be this cute?

You bring a lot of joy to my heart.

So clear and beautiful.

Smudge after digging potatoes.
She passed out in the corn.  

My old band sweater.
Found it in one of my old boxes.
Wow...does that sweater bring back some memories.

Well...Opal is still growing but so slow...She is not a heavy weight, but she is beautiful.
I have to remember...
Beautiful things come in Small packages.

MASTERPIECE OF '79 - 1979-2011

Dear Lori, I am so sorry for your loss.
I will miss seeing Masterpiece on your beautiful blog.
Hugs to you and your family. 


  1. THat newt is so cute! Course Smudge is cuter though. And hello Opal! Will you make a white pumpkin pie?

  2. In addition to falling in love with Smudge (which was a no-brainer), I am falling in love with Gus!! What a good and patient babysitter!! Smudge is a beauty - love the pigmentation coming in around her eyes. It looks like she has eyeliner on.

  3. A real Smudgefest. How nice that she can help you dig out the potatoes.

    Many thanks for your tribute to Masterpiece. I appreciate your thoughtfulness very much....

  4. Oh My Smudge, isn't there a law that forbids anything from being that cute......

    WE have all fallen for you


  5. You absolutely need more Airetime than any old newt, Smudge! We just love that picture of you passed out in the corn!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  6. Smudge will become a true farmer yet now that she knows how to dig! Masterpiece was a real treasure, a "beaut"...:)JP

  7. What a lovely post...easily as lovely as the great weather we have enjoyed.

  8. Oh my word Smudge...did Angel Bumble show you how to play in the mud? We love that face and no we can't get enough..poor Gus, BOL
    Benny & Lily
    Pee S
    Sorry to hear about Masterpiece

  9. oh oh oh! I just showed Bastiaan for the firs time Bumble.... went true your old post and pulled up the pictures. We really laughed together at the soooo cute post. I am still sorry....

    But i also showed him smudge, and told him maybe we need a puppy! ;-)

    Thank you for your sweet words and i am still catching up but if you want to write me the old fasion way, best way to do so is by going to our website: and all our contact info is on that site. And THANK YOU!!!

    Sorry to hear about masterpiece, having great memories and pictures is a good thing.

  10. my gosh my english is pretty bad today.... sorry about that!

    And yes i meant pics instead of post...?

  11. Well, Smudge does make a convincingly cute grub in that one picture. The stump planter is fabulous!