Wednesday, December 14, 2011

My Project.

It has been a while since my last post.
I mentioned a special project that I have been working on in a previous post and it has been keeping
me very busy.  

Zippy on our commute to work.
Where we are making our things for the "project".  

He has really been enjoying going to work and keeps the path clear of 
all wild animals. 

It has been warm here.
Only small dustings of snow so far and the only problem with that is
the fact that we have lots of mud.  
Eco showing off his muddy velvet coat.

Smudge has been chipping away at the chair again.
I must make her pose for another Christmas picture.   Maybe with antlers. 

Speaking of antlers....
A wonderful person shot a deer the other day ( on land that was posted )
and the poor deer died in the woods about 20 feet from my back yard.  
Gus had his fill of venison and then walked onto the deck and threw up all over the place.
Thank you poacher.   You make all real hunters angry. 

On to better things.
My project!
I am getting things ready to jury for a spot in a local gallery. 
I hope that I get in....
I am making smaller things that are marketable and affordable.  
Also shippable.

This is a little candle holder.
(of course you can see that)

are you on that chair again! 

Smudge likes to sit under the dining room table.

The other day I did not see her there.
and went out for a moment.
When I got home....she was still under the table.

I had scooted the chairs together before I left and she was stuck.
I was lucky that she did not chew her way out!!!

Check out all of the spots on her back!!!

More project.
A little tea light holder.

Top view of the tea light holder.

A hanging leaf.
I have been making these for a long time. 
This one was actually made this past fall.
I do not use a mold for my leaves.

Or anything else.
All hand carved.  

A votive candle holder.
These can be used inside or outside.
Everything has concrete acid stain and a solvent based 

A medium sized planter.

A larger planter.

A very small planter.

This planter is very different from any of the others that I made.
It has a little keyhole and also can be hung.  
I thought it would look good as a wall pocket. 

I am in the process of making some hanging candle holders as well.

A very small votive candle holder.

A Knothole tea light holder.

A birdbath.

All of these are concrete faux bois.
I used a sunflower leaf for the bowl.

Top view.

When carving the texture, I like to add a few touches of whimsey. will find a face or animal or word....
in the texture.  

I think it is fun to pick things out.  

Smudge pretending to be Rudolf. 

Wish me luck getting into the gallery.
Having a pre-jury today and 
regular jury in Jan.  

Off to make more things to take!!!
Have a great week!


  1. Good luck, Jill, your work is beautiful!

  2. I am definitely a fan of Smudge, Zippy, Eco, Gus, your work but not the poacher...

    Mamma Heartbeat

  3. I truly love your art!

    Did you read my rant last week about the hunters at our place? Not only are they poaching and leaving carcasses (yes, my dog puked guts too), but they are leaving bottles of pee on the road. Arg!

  4. Good luck! We think your work is fabulous!
    You are such a cutie, Smudge!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  5. Boo to that poacher! Love your art work lady. Smudge we warn you...don't nibble mom's art
    Benny & Lily

  6. Hi Jill! I found you through LeeAnn -- so nice to meet you! Your place is gorgeous and love all your animals. I had fun going through your recent posts; Smudge is adorable in his Santa garb! Your candle holders are amazing -- so unusual. The pictures of the landscape were stunning. (My husband is really into mushrooms so those photos were cool, too.) It looks like a tranquil and peaceful place to be. I'll be back! :)

  7. Your projects are beautiful! And Smudge is so photogenic!

  8. Smudge is still gnawing on everything, I see... *hehe* She is too cute.
    You do such beautiful work, Jill!

  9. ah my friend
    if I dont get the chance
    just wanted to know I want you to have a lovely christmas xxx