Monday, January 9, 2012

Concrete Faux Bois, and of course...more chewing.

This is what I look like sometimes.  
Working on concrete.  Staining and sealing are not fun things if you are in an area that 
is not well ventilated. 

 I try to be as safe as possible.  
Most of the time...

Smudge has been caught in the act!  
She is sooooo bad. 
If I turn my back for one moment she has teeth on something.  
What you don't see is the fact that she has all sorts of good toys and
stuffed bones to chew on.  

...she wants that chair.  
Gus is so upset he can't event look at her. 

May and Otis were really upset with Smudge for chewing the chair.
But don't look too closely at that fence.  

Zippy still can't believe it.

Zippy had to party a little to get over the shock of Smudge's chewing. 

I know.... it's not true Zippy......
Sorry..Just kidding.

He really is not much of a party animal...Ha ha ha...
You know....
Spuds Mackenzie..
Now that...was a party animal.  

Smudge and Eco

They had a quiet moment..
Checking each other out.

So cute. 

We had a few inches of snow the other day.
but now we are back into 40 degree weather.  

I would love to see some snow!!!


My furniture is doomed. 

Zippy had to go for another walk to help with the stress.  

Here it is!!!
The above sign was just a little experiment and I like how it turned out.
The other side says "Dream".  

Another motivational sign.

The "toxic love" sign stained and sealed.  

I decided to try something a little more "happy" and positive.  

This one has a wax finish on it.  
Gives it a bit of a sheen.  

I am going to do house numbers next and a memorial for 

Another larger Votive holder.
I gave this a test run the other night and it really looked good on the table.

Hanging Votive holder stained and sealed.

A little hollow log candle holder.

This planter is about 12" W x 14" Ht.

Another candle holder.

ANOTHER candle holder.
In the shape of a heart with a wizard face.

Short planter. 

Short planter with more bark.

Same planter..different view.

candle holder.

This is the back the concrete dog head.
I arched a piece of plastic tubing through the armature before I added the concrete so that I can 
then thread a piece of picture hanging wire though to hang it.  

You may ask...
What is this?

It is a sconce that has the end of a bottle in it.

An experiment that I think has promise. 

I want to do a larger version.  
Thought it looked pretty lit up.  

Beautiful Elk Knob State Park. 

I promise to show the inside of Smudge's book in the next post.  
Stay tuned. 


  1. Boy, have you been has Smudge! I love the picture with Zippy and the moon!

  2. Your work rocks!!! Mom loves it. Now Smudge, does moms chair taste like chicken? Bet your lucky you are cute
    Benny & Lily

  3. WE love love love your blog. Those cement candle holders ect....are great....Poor zippy, what patience and come on....

    You can't say anything bad about Smudge....Perfection.....Total Perfection.

  4. That may have to be the sacrificial chair to protect other stuff. Or maybe you should make a concrete-wood chair to replace it....BOL!

    Love Zippy in his party hat.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  5. Mom thinks your work is fabulous! She loves all of it!
    Keep that guilty look going, Smudge. It's working!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  6. very cool new pieces!! Love the one with the bottle in it! As for Smudge ... "no comment."
    : )

  7. I feel your pain re chewing. I am spending a fortune on rawhide chewies for Willa.

    Love the planters, etc!

  8. Hi Jill! I have heard lots about Smudge! lol Very cute indeed!
    I really like the 'sconce' effect.....very nice.
    The concrete looks very deceiving with the texturing you have done and staining. Nice work.

  9. Your work is beautiful, Jill! Better keep it away from Smudge~ she might decide she likes the taste of concrete next! ;)