Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I would like to introduce Otis and May. Otis is a mini mule (we also have his half brother Ollie) and May is a mini donkey. Otis and Ollie came here about three years ago. We were interested in getting a mini donkey and saw an ad in the local paper advertising one. We called the number in the ad and were told that the donkey was sold, but that he had two mini mules. Well, we had never seen such an animal and decided to go check them out. The next thing you know, we had them in our horse trailer and were on our way home. Well, we got them home and within a day, they had removed their halters (they actually unbuckled them) and we could not even get within 20 feet of them. Since then Otis has calmed down quite well and Ollie is still a work in progress. Otis is a sweet little fellow and loves to be scratched (on his rear) and petted. Ollie comes around if you have a peppermint. Then, and only then will he let you touch him.

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