Tuesday, June 9, 2009

May the mini donkey is the sweetest animal on the planet. She has to put up with the mini mule brothers. I got May about a year after we purchased the mules. I met a wonderful person in Virginia that has the sweetest and healthiest mini donkeys. They also have one of the most beautiful farms that I have ever seen. Not to mention the other assortment of animals that you get to see when you visit. Well, Miss May is just a joy to be around. My niece Emily, even took her to a pet show in our little town and won a second place ribbon. I just love May. I am trying to start driving with her, but have been limited because of my pesky work schedule. That and my garden and my concrete projects, and my horses, and my dogs, and.........keep me a little occupied. The fact is, that I just need to get out there and work on it, no excuses.

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