Monday, November 23, 2009


Danza is the horse in front.

She is a gentle horse with a big personality.  I am very thankful to have her here.  She is also the horse
that is in my banner picture.  We have owned Danza for 9 years, but I have known her since she was just a wee little foal.   I used to go to my Aunt and Uncle's house to see the babies in the spring and Danza was one of those babies. 

This picture was taken about five years ago. 

Danza is the horse that anyone can ride, but also a horse that is fun to ride.  She still has lots of pep.

She is also the smoothest ride here.   Now I will tell you that she is 22 years old. 

Some people tend to dismiss older horses, but I think that they are gold. 

Just ask my niece. 

Yes, I am very thankful to have this horse. 

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