Friday, November 6, 2009

New Coats

The winter here is pretty cold and windy. The animals all get a nice thick coat every year, but I know that May, the mini donkey, needs a little extra protection from the elements. A donkey apparently does not grow the same inner coat of hair that most horses and mules do. So....May gets a new water resistant insulated coat for the really windy cold days that would keep her inside. The mini mules grow the most hair of all in the winter and will stand out in the cold just to cool off. Nothing seems to bother them. They end up looking like little Yaks.
I was worried that he mules would chew on May's new coat. The funny part is that they were a little scared of it. They would run from May and she would run after them only scaring them even more. I had her blanket too tight in the front....I just wanted to throw it on her to see how she would react and what the others would do.

Ollie is trying to figure out if that is May inside the blanket. May does not look too happy about the situation. I am sure she will change her mind when she is able to be out with the others when the weather is colder.

Miss Bumble also got a new coat. Here she is sporting her new duds. I think she makes a good model. So feminine and refined. She is a little embarrassed however, because she had to have a little extra room in the girth of her coat.

Zippy is modeling the more sleek version of the coat.

Here he is coming down the drive......I mean runway looking very confident and comfortable in his new apparel. These coats were all hand made and I really love the quality of the fabrics. It also makes me feel good to know that I purchased them locally. Being self employed is not always an easy thing. I know, because I am. I always do business on a local level if possible. Here is a link to the place that I purchased all of these well made garments.


  1. Very stylish indeed! I hope that May gets over the embarrassment of her new winter coat.
    Our Maggie wears a similar coat during the worst of our winters here. First time she ran out to the barn with it on I had horse/mule flying in all directions. I think that everybody will get used to it with a little time.

  2. AWW bumble is so cute & Zippy looks dashing! Poor little May, none of her friends know her.