Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Fun Pictures

Have you ever taken a picture and then looked at it later only to see something strange? The above photo was taken using an old point and shoot Olympus camera. I found a roll of film popped it into my camera. After finishing the roll, I took it to the one hour photo at a local drug store. Anxious to get my pictures of Zippy skateboarding, I went to the counter and the person at the photo counter told me that I had double exposed my film. The bulldog in the picture is my beloved Thatcher. That photo was taken at least 10 years earlier than the one of Gus and Zippy. They actually were tolerating one another at the time. I really like the photo it makes me smile to think about Thatcher and the fact that Gus and Zippy were actually friends at one time.
I took this picture about a week ago. I love the look on Zippy's face. The only problem is that he has a few extra legs. After looking a little more closely you can see the edge of Bumble's mug.

This is my favorite one of all time. My neighbor went for a ride and took my husband and Danza along in his backpack.


  1. Love that rider. Is he a movie star or something? Yrral Kooc

  2. You couldn't have done any better on purpose. The first one of Zippy and Gus framed in by your old friend Thatcher is really a nice.

  3. Hey! I recognize the movie star guy on the horse!
    Jill - these are terrific pictures, and I loved your earlier story about Zippy's training session!!!!

  4. Thanks! It is interesting how the double exposed picture has the exact combo of dogs that we have now. Bumble is even the same color.