Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Another Day, Another Walk

Gus!  Do you want to go for a walk?  
No thanks....I will just stay here and relax.

Okay.  I will ask Bumble and Zippy.  
Bumble how about a walk?  

YES!!!!  Let's go!  

This is my happy hucklebutt.  That is just what Bullies do.  


Oh wait a stick!!  Crunch crunch crunch.  

Oh Zippy!!!  You spoil everything!

Okay guys.....lets go on.  

But wait.....what is this???!!!

My what a big paw print.  This does not look good.  

We may have to go somewhere else.  
You know Zippy does not play well with others.  The dog this print belongs to must be a giant.  
We may have to turn around.  

Come on Zippy!  It is all your fault!

I do not even see another dog.

Man....that Zippy is a spoil sport.  I can't believe we have to turn around.  

I am not mean....I am just misunderstood.  

It is okay Zippy.  I still love you.   We will just go work on the Super Duper Top Secret Project. 

Oh man.....I want to go somewhere else! I am tired of work!

GRRRRRR..........I wish we could go do something else.  

Darn project. that a deer?  This is not so bad after all!  

Check out all of the snow.  Look..... pavement!  

Glad it quit snowing.  Those horses could just walk over the gate.  

Stay in horses!

See ya later!


  1. I love your stories and the photos of your very cute dogs!

  2. Cute photos! You still have a lot of snow there. It's raining and very foggy here. We're entering mud season.

  3. otay - I'm with Gus . . . LOL!!!
    But I must say - it would be worth getting out walking in the snow to see Bumble do the happy hucklebutt. Hysterical!!!!!