Friday, March 26, 2010

The joys of Spring......

Finally.....spring is springing!

What a beautiful sight. 

But wait........what is this????

I dislike mud season with a passion.  I just want everything to thaw out and dry out.  
For some reason....that never happens. 

I clean my little pond in the garden out every spring.   I let the water 
overflow to clean all of the sludge that builds up over the winter.  Also to get it ready in 
time for the spring peepers.  Not only do I love the sound that the spring peepers make; I just like saying 
the word peeper.  Besides that they are cute.  Anyway.........

Zippy helped.

I figure it is easier and takes less time to just let him go ahead and have a little fun.
Trying to stop a Bull Terrier from digging is.......well......impossible. 

For some reason Bull Terriers LOVE to dig.

Zippy is obsessed.  Another BT trait.  

Yes, it is good to have a sense of humor when your dog does this.

This is a picture from last year on pond cleaning day.  Bumble helped.  She likes the peepers too.  

I resent that picture......I was good this year and did not get dirty.  

(But what is that on your head?)

Here we have Comet.  She was a fantastic digger.  Also a fantastic dog.  We miss you Comet.

The horses also enjoy a mud bath. Of course this is about 10 minutes after I groomed them.  

Oracle.....what were you thinking????  All of that beautification gone to waste.   

Hey Otis.....I am glad we are much too civilized to get that dirty. 

Speak for yourself May.  He he he.  

The end....


  1. BOL...BOL...isn't mud grand! Hysterical
    Benny & Lily

  2. Your dogs crack me up! As far as mud and horses go, I have 23 and they have frosted themselves like a cake. No beautification here. It will fall off with their winter hair!

  3. Too funny! Last year's picture of Bumble and Zippy cracks me up. Dogheads: here to keep us from getting too serious about life! LOL!

  4. Oh Laws - LOOK at those muddy faces! too fun!

  5. The pictures of the dogs have done a real number on me! But Mom!!!!!!!!!!!